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Chapter 2435

Zara used money to try to buy Tate Landry for two purposes. First, if spending money has an effect, it’s best to spend money on life; second, if spending money has no effect, at least the situation of Tate Landry can be determined through dialogue. Now, Zara has drawn several key clues from Tate Landry’s mouth through a set of speech skills designed by her.

“First, ordinary people hear that a girl in her early twenties say she has tens of millions or a hundred million, he will definitely not believe her, but will only think that she is trying to bluff, but Tate Landry does not doubt that he can get eighty million, even one hundred million! This means that he knows who I am! Knowing that for me, one hundred million is easy, so he doesn’t doubt what I say! From this point, again Combining with Tate Landry’s previous behavior of talking on the phone and sending text messages, it can be seen that Tate Landry must have been instructed to kidnap my mother and me! Second, people like Tate Landry cannot be abiding by anything. If I say that I am willing to give him 100 million, he can choose to take my money, betray the original employer, or even choose to take my money and then turn his face with me. With him, he has two ways of getting money. However, Tate Landry didn’t even consider these two ways. This proves that the original employer behind him is someone he would never dare to offend! So, who on earth bought him and let him perform such a big show just to kidnap me and my mother?”

Thinking of this, Zara had no answer at all. She also wondered if it was the grandfather’s dissatisfaction with her mother, so he had decided to clean the house. However, based on her understanding of Lord Banks, she felt that Lord Banks would not have murderous intent toward her. She also wondered if it was her father who was unhappy with her mother, but this was the same as the speculation just now. Whether it was her father or her grandfather, both her father and her grandfather had reasons to attack her mother, but neither of them had the possibility of attacking her.

Therefore, Zara also led her thoughts into a dead end. Immediately afterwards, she thought: “Could it be my father or grandfather who was behind him and asked Tate Landry to kidnap me and my mother, but in fact he was only going to be unfavorable to my mother?”

Thinking of this, Zara suddenly became extremely nervous: “If this is the case, then when Tate Landry reveals his true colors, I must fight to protect my mother!”

While Zara made a desperate effort to protect Deana, her heart was filled with anger and despair for her family. She couldn’t understand why the Banks Family would be so unkind to her mother. What is even more difficult to understand is that this matter is clearly that the father had the fault first, so why did you want to kill the mother? Is it because my mother came to Aurous Hill this time? At this time, Deana also guessed the whole thing.

Deep down in her heart, she also had the same question: “Zayne can cheat on me and give birth to an illegitimate daughter outside, even unscrupulously bringing the illegitimate daughter to his side, and I have been married for so many years and have never betrayed. Now she just wants to divorce him, is he right, was I wrong?”

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