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Chapter 2431

Hearing Charlie’s question, Isaac Cameron exclaimed: “Master, who do you think is behind this incident?”

Charlie thought for a while, and said, “I think the Banks Family ”

“The Banks Family?!” Isaac Cameron said dumbfounded: “Master, why did the Banks Family do something to the two women? There is no reason.”

Charlie said with a serious expression, “I really want to say the reason. , I think there are many. This Deana resolutely wants to divorce Zayne. This in itself hurts the face of the Banks Family. Zayne must be dissatisfied, and the Banks Family must be the same.”

Isaac Cameron nodded and said: “To any family with a face, if a wife or daughter-in-law wants to divorce publicly, it will definitely damage the family’s face, but there is no need for such a cruel hand?”

Charlie said: “After all, it is a big family. Sometimes I feel that face is above all else. What’s more, Deana and Zayne are not just about getting a divorce. Why did she travel all the way to Aurous Hill? You know, I know, so many people from Eastcliff families must know.”

Isaac Cameron nodded and sighed: “It is indeed the case that the second lady of the Thorne Family liked your father back then. It is well known in Eastcliff. Now she comes to Aurous Hill and is still participating in this event. At the auction, the old house where your father lived was photographed at a high price of tens of millions. As everyone knows, she must have not forgotten your father.”

Charlie said with a sad expression on his face, and said: “I am very surprised at her feelings for my father, but the more surprised I was, the more I couldn’t help but look at the problem from another direction.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked: “Master, the other direction you said is What direction? My mind is a little dull right now, I really don’t understand.”

Charlie said lightly, “The other direction is naturally Zayne. If Deana hasn’t forgotten my father for so many years, then she After marrying Zayne for so many years, do you have true feelings for Zayne?”

“This…” Isaac Cameron fell silent for a moment.

After a while, he suddenly realized: “I understand! The second Miss Thorne’s family came to Aurous Hill to commemorate your father. She also publicly participated in this auction and photographed the old house where your father lived. This is almost equivalent to telling others. , She has been in love with your father for so many years, so she must have never loved Zayne for so many years! This is a shame for Zayne!”

“That’s right.” Charlie sighed: “So I suspect that Zayne is probably the man behind all this.”

Isaac Cameron frowned and said, “Master, Zara is the flesh and blood of Zayne, even if he hates the second lady of the Thorne Family again. , It’s absolutely impossible to harm Zara together, right?”

“Yes.” Charlie said: “This is the one piece out of place. Zayne shouldn’t attack Zara. Perhaps Zara is just a blindfold. Maybe.”

Isaac Cameron said helplessly: “The Banks Family has always had no ethics in doing things. What you say may be the truth of the matter.”

Charlie said at this time: “If it is really the Banks Family who wants Deana to die, then I won’t let them do what they want!” After that, Charlie immediately said to Isaac Cameron: “Isaac, immediately investigate the specific location of that Rolls-Royce, and let the helicopter be prepared!”

Isaac Cameron Hearing this, he immediately asked: “Master, do you want to save them?”

Charlie sneered and said, “The enemy’s enemy is my friend. I can even save Xion. What’s more, Deana and Zara!”

Isaac Cameron immediately said, “Good master! I will let people track the location of the car and prepare the helicopter at the same time!”

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