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Chapter 2428

“Bang” The gun sounded loud in the room. Everyone went silent. There was a finger-thin hole in the woman’s forehead. Her whole eyes widened and she fell straight back. A large pool of blood began trailing one the ground, and the smell of blood permeated the entire hall. Everyone present was so scared that some even fainted. No one thought that Tate Landry would be so vicious. That woman just said a few words, and he actually shot her to death. Actually, Tate Landry killed this woman not because she was really disgusting, but to give Deana and Zara a demonstration. He used this to make the mother and daughter completely compliant. Only in this way can he take them away as planned.

So, he looked at Deana, who was pale, and asked with interest: “How about you, beautiful lady, are you still bargaining with me?”

Deana immediately shook her head. She knew that the extremely vicious man in front of him was a murderous demon, and she could only follow his instructions and could not refuse.

She thought to herself: “If I continue to bargain with him, then it is very likely that I will be killed on the spot. It doesn’t matter if I die, but the thing is that if I die, this guy will still not let go of Zara, I have to survive!” Thinking of this, she took Zara’s hand, looked at Tate Landry, and said firmly, “We will follow you!”

Tate Landry immediately smiled and said cheerfully: “As long as you obey and cooperate with me to escape, I will = not hurt you; but If you dare to play with me, I will let you and your daughter meet death together!”

Deana nodded firmly, and said seriously: “Don’t worry, we will cooperate.”

Tate Landry smiled satisfied: “Since you are ready, it’s time to get on the road!” After speaking, he waved his gun and said: “You two go first!”

Deana nodded and pulled Zara standing beside her. Standing up, the mother and daughter looked at each other, she firmly squeezed Zara’s hand and walked towards the gate of the treasure pavilion. At this moment, Isaac Cameron’s Rolls-Royce stopped in the middle of the courtyard at the entrance of the Treasure Pavilion, while all the police retreated to the outside of the courtyard as per Tate Landry’s request, staring at the entire Treasure Pavilion outside the courtyard. At this moment, the locked door of the Treasure Pavilion suddenly opened, and everyone immediately roused themselves.

The deputy commander-in-chief of the police, Stanley White, ordered through the internal walkie-talkie: “All snipers are ready! Once the target appears, immediately lock the target from their respective directions!”

The commander-in-chief said at this time: “Team White, the target has been holding the detonation switch. We must be cautious! We are absolutely not allowed to shoot without being 100% sure!”

Stanley White’s expression was startled, and then he sighed, and was about to speak, suddenly saw two women walking out of the gate of Treasure Pavilion!

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