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Chapter 2427

When Tate Landry announced the fate of Deana and Zara, everyone else finally breathed a sigh of relief. Now, it is finally completely safe! But Zara was desperate in her heart. She didn’t understand why Tate Landry chose her mother and herself from more than a hundred people.

However, after thinking about it carefully, she can’t help feeling: “I’m not boasting that if we talk about appearance, my mother and I are indeed the more outstanding among the more than one hundred people. This Tate Landry looks more than sturdy, And also a little bit smirk, he would choose me and my mother from so many people, which is also in line with this kind of person’s style. I just don’t know, besides wanting me and my mother to be hostages, there will be no other attempts.”

So she looked at her mother beside her nervously. Deana saw her daughter’s gaze, patted her hand gently, and whispered comfortingly: “Zara, don’t worry, I am here with you.”

Zara whispered: “Mom, let’s think of a way to send a message to Dad or Grandpa.”

Deana shook his head: “The distant water can’t save the near fire. Everyone else holds their heads in their hands. What if he finds you while holding your phone?”

Zara said anxiously, “But we can’t just follow him like this.”

As he said, Tate Landry had already stepped towards the mother and daughter, so Zara quickly closed her mouth. Tate Landry walked to the front of the mother and daughter, shrugged and smiled: “Oh, the two beauties have worked so hard to accompany me again!”

Deana said without hesitation at this time: “You take me hostage Okay, leave my daughter behind. She is too young and she is scared in her heart. She will keep talking on the road, I am afraid it will annoy you.”

Zara heard this and said hurriedly: “Mom! I want to go With you!”

Tate Landry pretended to be surprised and said: “Oh, I didn’t expect that you two beauties are a mother-daughter duo!”

Deana looked at Tate Landry and took a few Pleadingly, he said: “Sir, my daughter is still young, and she has been very frightened, so please let her go.”

At this time, a woman who was dressed up a bit coquettishly spoke in annoyance. He said, “Hey! What do you mean by this? Now that he has chosen you, you two will accept your fate. Why do you want to do this kind of thing? Wouldn’t it increase the risk for us? I urge you two to follow him obediently. Stop bargaining!”

When the woman spoke, someone next to her immediately echoed: “Yes! After choosing you two, are you now trying to make him choose one from us?”

The glamorous woman immediately said, “Yes! Whoever he chooses, they will follow this man obediently. Please don’t put others in danger!”

Tate Landry looked. Glancing at the woman, he smiled and asked: “What’s the matter, beauty? Are you afraid I would choose you?”

The woman was taken aback, and hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, Brother, I’m just plain. The little beauty just now is much better in comparison.”

Tate Landry looked at her coldly, smiled playfully, and said: “Since you also know that you are too plain, There is no need to stay in this world and pollute other people’s eyes!”

After that, Tate Landry immediately pointed his gun at the woman.

The woman was so frightened that she yelled, “No, please! I didn’t mean it like that!”

Tate Landry smiled cruelly, and then immediately pulled the trigger.

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