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Chapter 2426

If the other party does not reply, then Tate Landry can only continue to waste time in the treasure pavilion. When will the other party reply these two words then he can go out. Now, the other party has given a clear reply, and Tate Landry does not intend to continue to waste time. He looked at the people in the hall holding their heads and squatting down, and said coldly: “They have already prepared the car I want, so it is time for me to leave. Here, thank you all for your cooperation. You will be free when I am gone.”

The more than one hundred people present were relieved when they heard this. Everyone’s face appeared with a smile after the disaster. The law and order in China is so good that most people will never encounter such a thing in their lives, and if they encounter such a thing, they can be unscathed. That is really great luck. Therefore, everyone relaxes completely at this time, just waiting for the man to leave quickly, and then be able to survive this crisis completely and safely.

At this time, Tate Landry suddenly spoke again: “Everyone, I have one more thing that needs to be done. I also hope that you all regard me for being so trustworthy and don’t refuse me.”

Everyone heard this and Suddenly became a little nervous. No one knows what Tate Landry needs. If he wants money, it doesn’t really matter. As long as they don’t hurt everyone, everyone is willing to give him all their belongings. However, they’re afraid he has other ideas.

At this moment, Tate Landry said: “I have asked them to prepare a Rolls Royce for me. However, if I get in the car by myself, they will definitely not let me leave. They will just kill me in the middle of the road. So, I have to find two people to accompany me for another journey. When I leave Aurous Hill completely and safely, I will naturally let these two people leave!”

Speaking of this, Tate Landry smiled slightly and asked, “Is there any friend willing to volunteer at the scene?”

When everyone heard this, all of them immediately bowed their heads deeply. It’s like a scumbag who usually doesn’t review his homework. When I heard that the teacher would call up and recite the text, they shrink back hoping not to be called. However, deep in the hearts of everyone present, there was more or less luck. Everyone feels that if there are more than 100 people on the scene, if only two are selected, then there is a high probability that they will not be selected.

In fact, Tate Landry has a candidate deep in his heart, but he still has to do what he should do. Otherwise, if someone sees the clue, he will upset the benefactor behind him. It’s not easy.

So, he looked around pretending, and said with some discomfort: “You guys are really not helping. I have done what I said to you, but now when I need your help a little, you all are like a tortoise with its head shrunk. You don’t even dare to look at me. Isn’t it a bit too much?”

At this time, naturally no one dared to pick him up. After all, everyone knows the principle of shooting the first bird. If he is paying attention now, it is very likely to be selected by him. As a result, everyone still buried their heads deeply, and no one dared to look up at him.

Tate Landry yelled annoyed: “Damn! You know you fucking playing with death, right?? I put so much in you and you don’t even dare to look at me, right? Okay! I count for three seconds. If anyone doesn’t look up at me, I kill him with one shot!”

As soon as this was said, more than a hundred people immediately raised their heads without hesitation, and looked at Tate Landry without blinking. No one does not cherish his life, so no one dares to disobey this desperate murderer at this time.

Tate Landry’s eyes patrolled around, and then his gaze fell on Deana and Zara, and said with a lewd smile: “I didn’t expect that there would be such a beautiful pair of sisters here. If there were anyone I would face death with, it is you two beauties!”

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