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Chapter 2423

Hearing Charlie’s analysis, Isaac Cameron couldn’t help but nodded and said: “This is really strange. Normally, only a fool will run into the building when he is chased. Normal people They should all want to escape as soon as possible. The farther you can escape, the better.”

Charlie said with a hum, “Since Tate Landry is a wanted A-level criminal who has escaped for a long time, it is absolutely impossible for him to commit such a low-level mistake, otherwise he would definitely be arrested a long time ago, so I speculate that the greatest possibility is that Tate Landry deliberately enters the treasure pavilion!”

“Enter the treasure pavilion deliberately” Isaac Cameron couldn’t help but muttered, and said in confusion, “What is he going to do in the treasure pavilion today? But there’s no big auction. Today’s undertaking is a judicial auction. They are selling big things like houses and cars. It’s pointless to snatch these things!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t forget, he was caught by the police. He was chased into the treasure pavilion, or that he was deliberately pretending to be chased into the treasure pavilion by the police, so it is unlikely that he was rushing to the treasure pavilion.”

Isaac Cameron asked puzzledly: “Master, if he is not rushing to things What did he run for?”

Charlie coldly snorted: “Since he is not running for things, he must be running for people!” “Running for people? He is a Grade A wanted criminal, once he is found there is a high probability of being caught or even killed. Who would

be running at such a big risk?” Charlie said seriously: “Today, there should be five people with a high value. One is me. One is you, one is Charles, and the remaining two are Deana and Zara. Who do you think he is running for?”

Isaac Cameron thought for a while and said seriously: “The possibility of running for both of us is a little bit smaller, after all we have already come out, he just went in, then the probability is that these three people are left.” After speaking, he muttered: “The possibility of riches is slightly higher with Charles, after all, he is in Aurous Hill. He is quite famous, although it is not as worthy as Miss Jasmine from the Moore family, and not as good as Mr. Quinton and her like, but at least it has millions of assets.”

“As for Deana and Zara, I think the possibility is a little bit smaller. Like the Wade family, the Banks Family is one of the top families in the country. The protection of family members is very serious. The family does not expose their member information. Therefore, even the richest man in Aurous Hill, it is very difficult to figure out the members of the Banks Family, let alone for Tate Landry, a wanted criminal.”

Charlie frowned and said, “You don’t understand the core of this incident. The core of this incident was that Tate Landry risked his life to act in a play. It is impossible for him to act in a play just to find treasure, wealth, or the Banks Family’s mother-daughter. I think there is a high probability that there is a conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy?” Isaac Cameron was a little confused, and said, “Master, you said there was a conspiracy. Is it because the enemy of the Banks Family wants to deal with the mother and daughter of the Banks Family? A rich and wealthy enemy has hired him to take them out?”

Charlie nodded: “I think it’s possible. Let’s watch what’s going on, and see how it will develop in the future.”

Isaac Cameron said “This Tate Landry wants a Rolls-Royce to escape, I don’t know if he can escape this time.”

Charlie smiled: ” Whether he can escape depends on whether there is anyone behind him to help, otherwise, with all the noise he has made, if he thinks he can just escape from this then he is an idiot!”

When it came to this, Charlie sneered: “However, since he dares to play so big, I believe someone must be behind him. Someone helped!”

Soon, Isaac Cameron arrived at the Treasure Pavilion. When approaching the Treasure Pavilion, Charlie had already pulled out his mask to put on cover, so as not to cause too much attention and expose himself. At this time, the Treasure Pavilion was surrounded by a large number of police officers and police cars, and even wheeled armored vehicles dedicated to anti-terrorism were dispatched.

The roads close to Treasure Pavilion have all been blocked by the police, and a large number of police forces have even been deployed to evacuate the crowds. As soon as Isaac Cameron’s Rolls-Royce arrived at the blocked intersection, a middle-aged man hurried over and greeted Isaac Cameron through the window.

Isaac Cameron put down the car window and said, “Captain.” The one called Captain White was the head of the Aurous Hill police, Stanley White.

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