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Chapter 2418

After all, even if it’s a headshot and the brain loses consciousness, the nervous system will twitch the whole body for a few minutes, which may trigger the switch if a person dies. Therefore, no one dared to risk themselves and the lives of so many people. Seeing everyone was defeated, Tate Landry was also relieved. He is a vicious person, but he is actually worried about accidents. After all, although he is a desperado, he is not really afraid of death. But he also wants to smuggle abroad and regain a new life, so he will take on such a task.

Seeing that he had completely controlled the scene of more than a hundred people with his own words, he knew that the matter had already succeeded more than half. The rest is to negotiate terms with the police, ask for a car, take Deana and escape. Just when he was about to go to the gate to discuss the conditions with the police outside, the cell phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He bought this mobile phone from the black market. The identity of the owner was stolen by people in the black market. It has nothing to do with him, so he is not afraid of being found by the police.

As for this mobile phone number, only a few of his immediate family members know it, and their contact information is also very secret. He never allows his relatives to use cellphones, landlines and public phones to contact him, and only allows them to use Internet phones that can make anonymous calls. In this way, no one can find clues. When the phone rang, he looked down and found that the caller ID was an overseas call, so he directly pressed the answer button. Although the call appeared to be from abroad, it was actually made by his relatives using an internet phone.

Tate Landry answered the phone and just said hello, he heard a woman on the phone asking in a low voice: “Husband?”

Tate Landry said, and asked in a low voice dissatisfied: “Why are you calling this time? Is there something important?!”

It was Tate Landry’s wife who called. Tate Landry is 35 years old this year, has been married for eleven years, has three children, and his parents are alive. In this task, besides wanting to fight for himself, there is another very important reason, that is, he wants to leave for his family. After all, his parents were old and his wife had no academic qualifications. After he fled, his family had nothing, and the economic situation was getting worse and worse.

However, after taking this job, the other party agreed to give his family 10 million. This 10 million has already been paid. It is almost enough for the family to live a carefree life in a small place, so Tate Landry can now be considered as worry-free. Even if the mission fails this time and you are caught or killed, at least the family can live a stable life.

On the phone, Tate Landry‚Äôs wife said a little excitedly: “Husband! The person who is looking for us to do business has put another 20 million in my account!”

“What?!” Tate Landry exclaimed and blurted out: ” Really?!?

“It’s true! “Tate Landry’s wife said excitedly: “They said that they would give the family 20 million, but they want to add a condition to you, as long as you agree, the money will be given to our family!”

Tate Landry also asked excitedly: “What conditions?” ”

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