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Chapter 2415

In the eyes of the police officer, Tate Landry ran into the Treasure Pavilion randomly because he was chased and panicked. But in fact, Treasure Pavilion is Tate Landry’s ultimate goal.

At this moment, Treasure Pavilion. In the hall, the auction continued, and Deana was still signing various documents. Tate Landry came to the door, and when he was about to walk in, the security guard at the door stopped him and said, “Sir, please show me the entry code for this auction. We will not enter until after verification.”

Tate Landry looked back and glanced. and found his police hunt has been rushed to follow, and immediately pulled out a pistol, pointed to the security of the forehead, and coldly said: “! Cut the fucking nonsense, or I will shoot you.”

At that time, the police officers coming from behind discovered that he had taken out a pistol. Tate Landry was not afraid, he pulled open the jacket of the padded jacket, revealing a vest filled with powerful explosives.

Afterwards, Tate Landry held a gun in one hand and a explosive trigger in the other, and said in a cold voice: “Listen to me. The explosives on my vest are used to blow mountains! If I press this button this whole building will explode. If you guys dare to come in, I will let everyone in it be buried with me!”

The police officers who were chasing him saw this and their expressions were extremely shocked! This Tate Landry was a gangster who was not afraid to kill. In his previous cases, he often used guns, but not explosives. Therefore, the police officers did not suspect him of carrying explosives on his body. Therefore, everyone suddenly became very fearful of him.

Everyone was not far apart, and they could all see the vest Tate Landry was wearing. The vest was bulging, covered with strips of things like long ham sausages, and they could see that it was a powerful explosive at a glance. This kind of explosive is so powerful that it can easily explode the stone and make a hole in a boulder. If it is really detonated here, the consequences will be disastrous!

So, one of the police officers immediately said loudly: “Tate Landry, don’t be impulsive! If you have something to talk about we can talk!”

Tate Landry sneered, “Me? Impulsive? I am already on the most wanted list. With so many homicides, I have nothing to lose here. Either I die from this or from execution! So you’d better do everything I say, otherwise, I’ll take everyone here to the grave with me!”

After finishing speaking, he immediately pointed the gun at the security guard’s head and shouted coldly: “Let me in and lock the door!”

The security guard hurriedly followed Tate Landry’s request, led Tate Landry into the door, and then locked the door tightly at Tate Landry’s request.

Tate Landry grabbed the key from the security guard, and said coldly: “You, follow me in!”

The security guard didn’t dare to disobey Tate Landry, and stepped into the auction with him

Tate Landry directly rushed into the auction hall with a gun. He shouted at the crowd participating in the auction: “Everyone, just fucking listen to me, every stay still and put your heads down, anyone who dares to run will die!”

The whole hall was suddenly In a panic, everyone screamed and prepared to escape.

At this time, Tate Landry pointed the gun up and fired three shots at the ceiling, and exclaimed: “You run, you die!”

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