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Chapter 2414

Anyway, he is tired of the days of hiding everywhere. He can earn 10 million for his family and give himself a chance of complete liberation. He has no reason to refuse. So, he came to Aurous Hill yesterday, ready to play! According to the owner’s request, he had to find a surveillance camera to expose himself, and then flee to a place called Treasure Pavilion. Now, what he is doing is to expose himself and let the Aurous Hill police know that he is here!

At this moment, the Aurous Hill Police Command Office. The police’s face recognition system suddenly issued a harsh warning sound, and the police officer on duty was shocked when he saw it! On the computer screen, a system prompt has popped up, with a line written on it: “Identified by the face recognition system, a-level wanted criminal Tate Landry appeared in our city, please verify immediately!”

The police officer on duty quickly called the system to automatically intercept it. He took a closer look at the live video and was shocked. He quickly picked up the emergency phone on the desktop and blurted out: “A-level wanted criminal Tate Landry appeared at the A7 subway station in our city! Please arrest him immediately!”

The whole Aurous Hill police blew up at once! A-level wanted criminal appears in Aurous Hill. This is definitely the last thing the local police want to see, because once this wanted criminal makes a big case in the local area, not only the local people will suffer, but the local police will also have to bear huge social pressure! So, the police immediately mobilized the police force of the city and decided to arrest Tate Landry.

At this time, Tate Landry received a text message on his mobile phone: “Aurous Hill police have found you! A patrol car is rushing to catch you, pay attention to your right hand side, there is still 800 meters away from you!”

Tate Landry finished reading Text message, gritted his teeth, staring at the right side unblinking. Soon, a police car in the distance appeared in the field of vision and kept approaching. However, the policeman didn’t turn on the lights or the siren, so it didn’t look like he was performing an emergency mission. But Tate Landry knew in his heart that the people who spent money to hire him had a good eye. Since the other party said that the car was here to catch him, he would definitely not make a mistake.

He watched the car getting closer, and a heart raised his throat. He didn’t run away in a hurry, because he knew that the person who hired him had a requirement, and he had to be chased into the treasure pavilion next to him by the police, instead of running over by himself. Therefore, he kept smoking while dangling a cigarette while calculating the distance and timing.

He is now standing on the sidewalk, the road is higher, and there are a lot of shared bicycles on the side of the road. Therefore, after the police car drove to the front from the motorway, it was impossible to drive the car directly in front of him, and could only pull over on the motorway and then walk over. The dozen meters of walking distance is his chance to escape. He knows that this is a downtown area, and the police will definitely not shoot directly, so with the advantage of more than ten meters and a faster starting speed, the police officer can’t catch up with him, and he will definitely be able to run into the treasure pavilion. In that way, the opponent chased all the way, escaped all the way, and rushed directly into the treasure pavilion.

At this moment, the police car was almost in front of him. He glanced at the police car in surprise, and when the police car pulled over, he began to back up cautiously. At this time, the door of the police car opened, and several police officers pretended to be on a routine patrol, got out of the car slowly, preparing to paralyze Tate Landry, and then waited for the opportunity to approach. However, Tate Landry was very nervous. He took a puff of cigarette, threw his cigarette butt to the ground, turned around and ran back.

Several police officers originally wanted to approach quietly. Unexpectedly, Tate Landry was so nervous. One person immediately shouted: “Tate Landry, stop!”

Tate Landry didn’t look back at all, and ran forward like crazy. Several police officers hurriedly pursued. Relying on his leading advantage, Tate Landry took the police around twice and rushed directly to the treasure pavilion not far away! While chasing desperately, the police officers at the head used the intercom to report: “Tate Landry knows we are here. He started to flee when he saw us. Now he has escaped into the Treasure Pavilion! Request the city bureau to immediately send police to block the Treasure Pavilion and fully implement arrests!”

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