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Chapter 2413

At this moment, Aurous Hill. A man wearing a mask appeared at the subway station near Treasure Pavilion. There are a large number of surveillance probes at the entrance of the subway, some of which are security videos of the subway, some are surveillance of the city’s Skynet, and several new high-end cameras equipped with face recognition functions. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, face recognition has successfully emerged from science fiction films and entered the lives of ordinary people. Not only does the mobile phone support face recognition, more importantly, the police also has a complete set of face recognition systems connected to big data. The biggest use of this system is to quickly screen a large number of people.

For example, if there are hundreds of people coming to the front, if there is a wanted criminal mixed in, then relying on police officers to check one by one will not only be inefficient, but also be particularly prone to omissions. However, now with the face recognition system, when hundreds of people pass by quickly, the system can directly identify the identities of hundreds of people through face recognition. At the same time, the system will immediately verify the identities of hundreds of people. If there are fugitives or suspects, the police will get system reminders as soon as possible. The most typical example is that a well-known singer came to the mainland to hold a concert. At each concert, the police can always catch a few fugitives from the tens of thousands of audience at the concert.

Why is there such a high efficiency? Almost all rely on the powerful features of face recognition! Therefore, with the increasing development of social science and technology, the possibility of criminals trying to escape legal sanctions has become less and less.

At this moment, the man wearing a mask looked around, then reached into his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes that were very dry and crumpled. He tore open the cigarette case and found that there was no cigarette inside, so he stepped to the mobile convenience store at the entrance of the subway station, and said to the boss in a low voice: “Boss, give me a package of cigarettes.”

The boss hurried. Asked: “Soft and hard?”

The man opened his mouth: “Soft.”

The boss took out a pack of soft Zhonghua from the glass case and handed it to him, while saying, “Sixty-five.”

The man threw it to him directly . A one-hundred dollar bill said indifferently: “No need for change.”

The boss was overjoyed and hurriedly smiled: “Oh, thank you!”

The man took the cigarette and turned around at the same time, he had already taken apart the plastic film outside the cigarette, then tore open the right side of the cigarette pack. Afterwards, he skillfully tapped his fingers on the left side of the cigarette case, and a cigarette came out of the torn opening on the right. He took out the cigarette and took off the mask he was wearing, revealing a somewhat fierce face with Chinese characters. He held the cigarette in his mouth, took a hard sip after lighting it, and then turned his head to look around.

Tate Landry glanced at the rows of surveillance cameras at the subway entrance, and he wiped a resolute smile on the corner of his mouth. He has been on the run for three years. In the past three years, he has lived a ghostly life, hiding in Tibet, and has long been exhausted. He wanted to find opportunities to sneak overseas, so that he could give a sigh of relief, but he simply didn’t have such ability, nor did he have such an opportunity. So he can only hide everywhere with a hungry meal. The only thing that can bring him comfort is that he and his family have a very secret contact method, which even the police do not know.

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