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Chapter 2405

Isaac Cameron didn’t expect that Charlie waited for a long time, and the old mansion that was determined to win unexpectedly gave up and gave up.

He himself couldn’t help being anxious for Charlie, and blurted out: “Master, you have been thinking about buying this house for so long. Now it’s just a reach away. Don’t give up! Otherwise, you might regret it in the future.”

Charlie sighs loudly: “Now it seems, this Deana wants it more than I need it.” said Charlie said softly: “This is the old house where my parents and I lived together, but I didn’t have the courage to stand up personally and sit in the auction hall to participate in the auction. On the other hand, this Deana can sit openly. She bids outside. From this point alone, she is much better than me, and more qualified to get this house than me.”

Charlie admired Deana in his heart.

Now, the vast majority of people don’t know that they are the young master of the Wade family, and they don’t know that they are the blood of Bruce left in this world. Therefore, out of caution, they did not participate in this auction publicly. They even signed up Isaac Cameron’s driver.

From this point alone, he admired Deana’s courage. As the so-called gentleman is the beauty of an adult, Charlie decided to give up the competition and give up this house to Deana. Although he did not know Deana, he also knew that Deana had loved his father for many years, but he could not get any substantive results. Perhaps this house can give her a visible and tangible ideological comfort in the past thirty years of loving his father.

This can be regarded as the father who has died in his own generation, thanking her for the friendship over the years. At this time, the outside bidding continues.

Isaac Cameron’s driver has not received any instructions to give up. After Deana bid 60 million, he raised his hand again and bid 61 million.

Charlie recalled the old house in his mind, sighed deeply, stood up and said to Isaac Cameron: “Tell your driver, stop bidding.”

After speaking, he put on a mask, turned and left the box. At the same time,

Deana raised the placard again without hesitation, and said: “Sixty-two million!” Isaac Cameron hurried after seeing this, and hurriedly followed up, sending a voice message to the driver: “Abandon the bidding. , Don’t bid anymore!”

His driver just raised his hand, and suddenly received the message and hurriedly clicked to play. The speaker heard what Isaac Cameron had just said, so he immediately put his raised hand back.

The auctioneer was already a little bit incoherent with excitement. Seeing that he raised his hand and put it down, he hurriedly asked: “Bidder No. 22, are you bidding or not?”

The driver said, “I give up.”

Hearing these three words Suddenly, Deana felt a burst of joy, and a big rock finally fell to the ground.

Following, the auctioneer said loudly: “62 million once! 62 million twice! 62 million three times! Deal!” Then, the auction mallet Knocked on the countertop. With this bang, Deana burst into tears of joy.

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