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Chapter 2403

Charlie nodded gently. He is also determined to win the former residence of his parents. After all, this former residence carries the last time of being together with his parents, which is of great significance. As several foreclosure cars were gradually taken away, the auction entered the real estate auction.

This time, there are 13 sets of properties participating in the judicial auction, but among the 13 properties, the cheapest starting price is the one that Charlie’s parents once lived in. The main reason is that the old house has been classified as a protective building by Aurous Hill. Not only is it forbidden to demolish, but also to turn over.

More importantly, whoever buys this old house has a certain obligation to protect this old house. The house is very old and cannot be demolished to obtain greater economic value. Even if you want to rebuild it, you are not allowed to rebuild it. So basically no one is interested in such a house. No matter who buys this house, there is no chance of realizing it again.

However, Charlie and Deana are both waiting for the shooting of this house.

Because this house has the lowest starting price, as soon as it enters the real estate auction, the auctioneer directly puts the photos of the house on the big screen and says: “The first house we are going to auction today is A protected old mansion located at the mouth of the old street. The specific information about this old mansion can be found in the auction manual, so we won’t introduce more here, and we will start the auction directly. It’s 880,000, and we will start bidding now!”

As soon as the auctioneer’s voice fell, Deana directly raised the sign and said, “One million.”

“Good!” The auctioneer said immediately, “Bidder No. 34 A bid of one million, is there anything higher than one million?”

A plain middle-aged man sitting in the corner immediately raised the sign and said, “One and a half million!”

This middle-aged man is Isaac Cameron’s driver.

“One and a half million?!” The auctioneer was stunned.

The starting price was 880,000. After only two rounds, it was 1.5 million, almost doubled! You know, there is almost no room for appreciation in this property! If you spend 1.5 million to buy such a house, the only possibility is to smash it in your own hands.

Because of his surprise, before he came back to his senses, Deana raised the sign again and said seriously: “I’ll pay two million.” The auctioneer was even more surprised.

He immediately looked at Deana and reminded: “Bidder No. 34, I have to remind you that the property is forbidden to be demolished and developed, and re-opening is prohibited. It must be kept in its original shape according to the requirements of the city, and at the same time, it must be Are you sure you know about these particularities?”

Deanai nodded, “I know.”

Although confused, the auctioneer nodded and said, “Bidder No. 34 bid 2 million. Is there anything higher than 2 million?” The middle-aged man in the corner immediately said, “I’ll pay 3 million!” The “three million” auctioneer wiped his sweat and continued to ask: “Now the 22nd bidder bids 3 million, is there any higher than him?”

“Four million!” Deana raised her hand almost without thinking.

As soon as the auctioneer heard this, he hurriedly said: ” Bid No. 34, No. 34″ , Isaac Cameron’s driver said loudly: “I’ll pay 5 million!”

Deana didn’t even give the auctioneer any time to think. She said: “I pay eight million.”

Eight million? ! The scene suddenly exclaimed! This old house is worthless in the eyes of other people participating in the auction. An old and dilapidated old house not only has no commercial value, but it is also very uncomfortable to live in.

An old house like this is either leaking or leaking. It must be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. If you live in such a house, you might as well just rent a low-rent house provided by the city. So everyone feels that, judging from the starting price of 880,000, this house is likely to be unsold.
However, who would have thought that such a house of almost no value would have been scrambled to raise the price to 8 million in a short period of time.

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