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Chapter 2398

Some people think that Deana will not appear because they think that the Banks Family will pressure Deana on this matter. In any case, they cannot let Deana lose the face of the Banks Family.

But some people think that since Deana has gone to Aurous Hill, Bruce’s former residence, and even signed up to participate in this auction, she will definitely go because of her personality, even if there is a knife in the sky, she will definitely go.

Therefore, the good people even opened a betting handicap in Eastcliff, and started the betting game on whether Deana would appear or not.

Thorne’s old house at this moment. Deana is also ready. She had already decided that she had to be present at this auction, so even though the Banks Family had great opinions on this, she was determined to set off.

Fitz and Zara stood by the door of Deana’s room early in the morning. When the door of her room opened, the brothers and sisters immediately saw the very formal mother.

Fitz was immediately anxious, and blurted out: “Mom! Are you really going to participate in that auction?”

Deana nodded slightly and said, “I have already signed up, so how can I not go?”

Zara said anxiously, “Mom! You can’t go! My friend told me that all people in Eastcliff are paying attention to you now. They said that if you do go, the Banks Family will have no face.”

Deana said seriously: “The Banks Family’s face is not determined by me, but by the Banks Family. What your grandfather and your father do is the key to the Banks Family’s face.”

Zara Anxiously said: “Mom, I understand what you mean, but the current situation is that the previous things of the Banks Family are irreversible, but if you can give up participating in this auction now, the Banks Family can still Finally saved a bit of face”

Deana looked at Zara and said very seriously: “Zara, Mom never cares about anyone’s opinion of me, including this matter, so anyone can think what they want. You know why?”

Zara shook her head subconsciously. Then, she spoke asked: “Why?”

Deana very serious, said: “The reason they think I should save face for the Banks family is nothing more than that I am a married woman. They feel that as a married woman, at all times, the interests of her husband’s family must be the top priority. My husband has a lover outside, so she must not make a quarrel, on the contrary, she has to make a world. The peaceful appearance is shown to everyone, so that everyone knows that they always put the face of their husbands as their priority. In their eyes, this is how a woman should act. But, in my opinion, such a woman is too sad! Why should I wrong myself and cater to others? Why should I wrong myself and protect others? Is it because I am a woman?”

Speaking of this, Deana looked at Zara and said solemnly: “Zara , Mom never wants you to marry a husband who is so rich and powerful. Mom only hopes that you can maintain your dignity under any circumstances. Don’t be a so-called woman who thinks about the overall situation, otherwise, you will not be happy in this life!”

Zara was struck by lightning at this moment. She looked at her mother’s resolute eyes, and suddenly a stormy sea turned up in her heart. She couldn’t help but wondered: “Why would I say that to my mother? Will I ask myself the same when something like this happens to me in the future? Zara, Zara, why are you so stupid? ”

As she thought this, she could not help but clench her fists, she said: “Mom, since you must go, then I will accompany you.”

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