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Chapter 2396

He said again: “Do you remember that there was a more famous director who was not clear with others. His wife was not angry, but publicly said that her husband was taken advantage of? But the other way round, if it is a woman she is going to be scolded to death in front of public opinion!”

Deana smiled slightly, and said, “Uncle White, you’re worried about it. I just want to buy the house where Bruce Wade lived. It’s my memory for him, apart from that, I won’t have any scandals with other men, let alone any actual relationship with other men. If the outside world can’t even tolerate this, then neither will I need their tolerance.”

The old housekeeper said anxiously, “Second Miss, I don’t mean that. I mean, it’s okay for you to buy this house, but the current situation is a bit special after all.”

“You and Zayne haven’t divorced yet, so I feel that you don’t have to go to this auction in person. It’s better to let me find a third party who has nothing to do with the vacation and let him take the house back on your behalf. After coming back after the auction, they will hold temporary ownership until you and Zayne divorced, then this house will be transferred to your name. This will avoid any backlash.”

Deana waved her hand and said earnestly: “Uncle White, I miss Bruce. That is not wrong in itself. So I am not afraid of shadows when I am upright. If others helped me to participate in the auction, but once it was passed I took ownership, others would think that I had a guilty conscience.”

The old butler sighed with regret: “Second Miss! There is something I know not to say, but I have to say it! The Banks’ have always been extremely hostile. You have seen what happened some time ago. They can even sell the flesh and blood of their own family. This proves that this family has almost no morals at all. If you insist on participating in this auction, you will offend them.”

Deana frowned slightly, and said puzzledly: “I just don’t understand. Zayne carried the illegitimate daughter for 20 years in secret, and still dignifiedly brought the illegitimate daughter under my nose for several years. Why does anyone think that the Banks Family will be offended by me?”

The old housekeeper hurriedly said, “Miss, many things are not as we imagined. In the upper-class society, men and women are indeed very different. You can’t consciously ignore it.”

Deana smiled slightly: “Uncle White, don’t persuade me. I’ve made up my mind. If you don’t arrange for me, I will arrange it myself. In short, I must go to this auction, and Go freely!”

The old butler hesitated for a long time before finally sighing helplessly: “Well, second lady, I will make arrangements.”


At the same time, Thompson First’s villa. Charlie also received a call from Isaac Cameron.

Isaac Cameron said on the phone: “Master, the auction on Monday has been changed to offline.”

“Oh?” Charlie asked in surprise: “Why did it change to offline?”

Isaac Cameron said, “After inquiring about it, I even dragged Eastcliff’s informant to help in the investigation. The information returned seemed to be the Banks Family mediating in it.”

“Banks Family?!” Charlie frowned, “Why did the Banks Family want to interference in this auction?”

“This I do not know, “Isaac Cameron truthfully said: “I have not pried into this matter, but you still try to be low-key.”

Then, Isaac Cameron hastily added: “Mainly because This house is too sensitive. It is the old house where your parents lived. Once anyone competes for this house, it will prove to have a certain relationship with your parents. I’m afraid that the Banks’ Family will find you there. Once the Banks Family finds you, they dare not say what they can do to you, but your identity will definitely not be able to stay hidden.”

Charlie said in agreement: “You are right, where will the buying and auction meeting on Monday be carried out?”

Isaac Cameron said: “The treasure pavilion is the place where you and the so-called metaphysic master Jack Yaleman bid for clams.”

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