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Chapter 2394

Zayne was once again hanging on the other side of the phone. At this time, Zayne was extremely angry in his heart.

He directly slammed the phone to the ground, smashed to pieces, and yelled: “Deana! I just don’t understand, what is so good about Bruce?! Why do you remember him for so many years?! Don’t you Forget, he never chose you from the beginning to the end! He kept giving up on you, and gave up on you until he died!”

Just as he was furious, the servant walked over with a mobile phone. Cautiously said: “Master Banks is calling.”

Zayne realized that he had already smashed his phone.

He had to take the call from the servant, suppressed his anger, and said, “Dad, what do you want?”

Lord Banks asked coldly, “Why can’t I get through to your phone?”

Zayne had to lied: ” There was a problem with my phone and it turned off automatically.” Lord Banks didn’t go into it any more, but asked him eagerly: “Have you communicated with Deana?”

Zayne hurriedly said, “Yes I did.”

Lord Banks asked, “What did she say? ? ”

Zayne, frustrated said:”Dad, I’m sorry, I tried to convince her and even told her your wishes, but she will not listen.”

Lord Banks at once furious, teeth shouted:” Waste What a waste! A waste that even can’t control a woman!”

After speaking, he once again rudely hung up the phone! This was Zayne’s third call that was hung up in just ten minutes. He has been in a fit of anger! At the moment he was almost about to smash the phone in his hand, his whole figure was suddenly taken aback, and then suddenly relaxed. He threw the phone to the servant, got up, walked up the stairs, and returned to his room.

On the way upstairs, he murmured: “Deana, the old man is far less talkative than Zayne. Since you don’t want to give him face, I don’t care about anything from now on!”

At this moment, Eastcliff Banks’ family.

Lord Banks was equally angry.

Deana insisted on participating in the judicial auction next Monday, which made him very annoyed. However, he was also very clear in his heart that in this situation, he hoped to persuade Deana, fearing that it would be of no use at all.

At this moment, James said: “Dad, maybe let’s find a relationship and ask Aurous Hill to cancel this auction!”

“Cancel?” Lord Banks asked him, “Can it be cancelled for a while, can it be cancelled for a lifetime? Now there is a lot of discussion on it, and many people are paying attention to this auction. If people know that we use this relationship to prevent Deana from buying this old house, I am afraid that people will be even more ridiculing!”

James looked anxious and Question: “Dad, what should I do? The auction will start the day after tomorrow!”

Lord Banks nodded and said coldly: “Let’s clarify the relationship secretly, and move this auction from the Internet to in person. I want to see if Deana can really go out and go to the auction in person!”

James blurted out, “Dad, this can’t be done! What if she does go? I personally think she will go!”

Lord Banks’s eyes flashed a fierce sneer, and he sneered: “If she really doesn’t know how to back off, then don’t blame me for being cruel. How did Princess Diana die? You should be very cruel. Is it clear?”

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