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Chapter 2392

James was very happy, but he questioned unhingedly: “Big brother, what do you mean? Do you think all this is Dad’s responsibility? I tell you! Dad does everything for us! It’s all to wipe your ass for your eldest son who has an illegitimate daughter outside! If you hadn’t messed around and got Xion out, how could we have the situation we are today?!”

Zayne shouted angrily: “Fuck your mother!”

James was also angry, and cursed: “My mother is your mother!” Zayne was speechless when he heard this.

And Lord Banks’ face was already black and green.

James continued to provoke at this time: “Big Brother! I didn’t call to fight with you, and I don’t want to fight with you, I want to persuade you to recognize the reality!”

Zayne asked in an angry way: “Recognize what reality? ”

James said coldly: “The first reality I want to persuade you to recognize clearly is that my sister-in-law does not have our Banks Family in her eyes!” After all, James continued to aggressively say: “I want to persuade you to recognize the second reality. The reality is that the sister-in-law married you for more than 20 years, and she has never regarded you as her husband! In the terms of the young people nowadays, you are just a spare tire in her eyes! She can’t get Bruce so you are a Second choice spare tire!”

James’s words deeply hurt Zayne’s heart! This is actually the most fragile place in his heart over the past two decades. He knew that he was Deana’s spare tire and that he was Bruce’s substitute, and he had not been able to truly replace Bruce for more than 20 years! However, his uncontrollable love for Deana kept him deceiving himself and others. Now, the truth was unrelentingly told by James, and he was ashamed to the extreme!

He cursed with extreme resentment on the phone: “James! If you fucking talk nonsense, I will kill you!”

James didn’t say a word, he actually enjoyed Zayne’s current anger and corruption. He knew that the more Zayne lost his reason at this moment, the lighter his weight in front of the old man. If he can keep him in this state, it won’t be long before the old man will never want to see him again. James did not speak, but the old man beside him couldn’t bear it anymore!

His entire popularity trembled, and he gritted his teeth and shouted: “Zayne! For a woman who doesn’t love you at all and doesn’t care about your face, even if you say such things to your hand-foot brothers, you are still not a human!”

Zayne was on the phone for an instant. Like being struck by lightning! He really didn’t expect the old man to be next to the phone! He only understood now that he had been led by James since he was on the phone. James provoked his anger step by step, tempted himself step by step, and fell into the pit he dug!

So, he could only hurriedly explain: “Dad! I didn’t mean that, I was just getting angry just now.” “Don’t say it!” Lord Banks screamed and said: “I don’t care what you use, you must stop it. Deana will participate in the judicial auction next Monday! I will not allow her to tarnish the face of the Banks family any more!!”

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