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Chapter 2390

In his opinion, the Banks Family is in the situation it is today, and Zayne should bear most of the responsibility! Therefore, in his eyes, Zayne was not only not a qualified family heir, but also not even a qualified blood heir. The so-called family successor is the one who will inherit the entire Banks Family in the future and become the helm of the Banks Family; and the so-called bloodline successor naturally requires a lot more conditions. As long as it is a person from the Banks Family, it is the Banks Family blood successor. .

The current Lord Banks thinks that not only is Zayne not qualified to be the helm of the Banks Family, he is not even qualified to inherit the blood of the Banks Family!

Therefore, he said in an angry cold voice: “James! Call your eldest brother! Ask him to prevent Deana from participating in the judicial auction next Monday! I will never allow this woman to make the Banks Family the laughing stock of China again!”

James heard this, his heart was already happy, and his mouth said very solemnly: “Dad, don’t worry! I will call the big brother!” After that, James took out the phone and prepared to dial.

Lord Banks on the side said coldly: “Turn on the hands-free! I want to hear what this rebellious son will say!” James was overjoyed that he beat his eldest brother Zayne when he was too busy.

Zayne at this time did not know what happened to Eastcliff. He received a call from James, and his heart was immediately full of disgust. Although he is not in Eastcliff these days, he can accurately imagine how his younger brother will corrupt himself when he is not by his father’s side.

At this critical moment, it is equivalent to the ancient emperor’s dissatisfaction with the prince and the desire to dethrone the prince. When the other princes are excited, they must deliberately plan to perform well, and at the same time desperately put the prince down.

In the face of huge interests, brotherhood is nothing, not even a fart. Therefore, he was irritated and did not even bother to answer James’s call.

James called again, and when no one answered, he immediately said to the old man: “Big Brother doesn’t answer the phone, he doesn’t know what he is doing.”

“Trash! What a trash!” Lord Banks yelled: “I let him go to Australia to avoid the limelight. Except for this incident, he didn’t have any shit, and he couldn’t even answer the phone! Continue calling!”


James immediately called Zayne again.

Zayne in Australia was so annoyed by the ringing of his phone that he wanted to simply shut it down, but after another thought, he suddenly realized: “Now the old man is not satisfied with me. If I don’t answer James’s call again, he runs to the old man. If you tarnish me in front of him, it’s really a loss!”

Thinking of this, he immediately pressed the answer button, and asked in a cold tone, “What’s the matter?”

James said immediately, “Brother! Why don’t you answer the phone all the time!”

Zayne didn’t expect that his younger brother would accuse himself as soon as he came up, so he asked dissatisfiedly: “I have been sent to Australia to avoid the limelight. Does the matter still have anything to do with me? Shouldn’t the domestic issues be resolved by you?” As soon as the Lord Banks who was on the phone heard this, his face suddenly fell, but he didn’t make any sound, and instead did something to James A silent gesture meant not to let Zayne on the other end of the phone know that he was also listening on the other end of the phone.

James immediately understood, and hurriedly said: “Big brother! Sister-in-law ran to Aurous Hill, ran to Bruce’s former residence, and was still in tears at Bruce’s former residence. These were all photographed by the paparazzi and exposed! And the sister-in-law also signed up. At Monday’s judicial auction and is going to buy Bruce’s former residence! Our Banks Family’s faces are all lost by this lady!”

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