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Chapter 2387

The mercury dichloride poured into Walter’s mouth quickly took effect, and Walter felt more discomfort and pain. He knew that this must be the cause of the rapid deterioration of the kidneys! Until this moment, Walt really realized how much trouble he had caused himself.

He always felt that with his identity, status, and family background, he could walk sideways in any corner of the world. After all, relative to the ten billion dollars of family property, most things in this world seem too cheap to him.

When he was in the United States, he didn’t get into trouble less, but even if he really killed someone, he could do it with a few million dollars at most, which would not cause him any trouble at all.

If the poisoning of Mr. Young was in the United States, once the East Window incident happened, he would only need to spend a few hundred thousand dollars, and he would immediately be able to arrange a scapegoat.

Even if the whole world knows, how is he instructing behind? He can find a strong enough relationship in the judicial department of the United States to put all the crimes on a scapegoat, and never let himself get into any trouble.

However, the bad is bad, and he actually offended Master Wade this time. Since Master Wade is offended, it can’t be solved with money!

In just a few hours, Walter went from a strong young man to a terminally ill patient who almost lost all mobility and could only lie on the floor and wailing.

The doctor arranged by Isaac Cameron in advance has been following up Walter’s physical condition. He will measure his blood creatinine every half an hour.

In half an hour, Walter’s blood creatinine value went from 75 at the beginning to two hundred, five hundred, eight hundred, one thousand, and even soon exceeded one thousand five.

This number represents that Walter’s kidney has been completely damaged. Afterwards, the doctor immediately put him on the dialysis equipment. Dialysis equipment, to put it bluntly, is a mechanical kidney manufactured artificially.

When one’s own kidneys lose their function, they use such equipment to replace the kidneys to complete detoxification and filtration tasks. Therefore, when the dialysis equipment was activated, Walter’s life was saved. However, although his life was saved, he couldn’t get rid of the dialysis equipment anyway.

At the same time, New York, USA.

Inside a skyscraper in Manhattan, a white man in his fifties is walking anxiously back and forth in his office. He is Walter’s father, Steve Hogwitz.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon in New York, and Steve started contacting Walter at nine o’clock in the morning, and has not been able to contact Walter until now.

Fearing that Walter would encounter any unexpected events in China, he contacted Walter’s entourage, but these people were all missing without exception. Several other family executives who followed Walter to Aurous Hill can still be contacted, but they have no idea where Walter went after the evening.

In order to determine Walter’s whereabouts, these executives immediately called the Aurous Hill police, but the Aurous Hill police did not find any trace of Walter. This person is as if the world has evaporated. After Steve got the feedback, he immediately realized that the situation was very bad.

He pressed the phone on his desk and sternly ordered: “Arrange the plane immediately, I’m going to China!”

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