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Chapter 2386

So he smiled and said, “Jiro Kobayashi, your consciousness has improved very quickly recently.”

Jiro Kobayashi hurried to Don Albert’s front, bowed suddenly at 90 degrees, and said loudly: “Don Albert! Thanks! Your recognition of Jiro, Jiro will definitely continue to work hard!”

Don Albert nodded in satisfaction, and smiled: “Jiro, seeing that you have performed well recently, I will talk to the chef back and add a chicken wing to you every day. !”
When Jiro Kobayashi heard this, he hurriedly smiled and pleaded: “Don Albert, you just ask the chef to add a chicken leg to me? I work a lot every day, eat less food, and always have a little nutrition. “Bad”

Don Albert looked at Jiro Kobayashi’s skinny appearance, and smiled: “Jiro, you’re pretty good at bargaining.”

Jiro Kobayashi explained hurriedly, “God, I just feel that I can’t get enough food every day. , I don’t mean to bargain with you. Don’t get me wrong.”

Don Albert nodded and smiled: “Okay, I know, so let’s see, for your work harder recently, I will let the chef give you every day On the basis of adding a chicken wing, I will add an extra chicken leg every Monday and every Thursday!”

When Jiro Kobayashi heard this, he hurriedly bowed and said, “Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord! Please help me. Thank you Master Wade, I said that Jiro will definitely work well at the kennel!”

Don Albert smiled and said, “Okay, since you are so sensible, I have the opportunity to meet Master Wade, and I will definitely speak for you in front of him. ”

Jiro Kobayashi was immediately excited, he kept bowing, nodded and said: “Jiro thanks Don Albert!” Don Albert turned his face at this time, looked at Walter, who was pale, and sneered: “Walter, You have also heard that I don’t need your garbage to help me work in my kennel, so you live here steadily and get ready for daily dialysis!”

Walter collapsed and cried: “Don Albert! Please call Master Wade. I am also the eldest master of the Hogwitz family, with family assets of more than ten billion U.S. dollars, plus I am more than one meter tall. Eight, all year round fitness, you leave me here to do miscellaneous work, why not be better than that thin and short Japanese?”

Don Albert smirked: “Walter, what do you think your Hogwitz family has assets over 10 billion? Is that impressive? Did you know this thin and short Japanese, is the president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Japan before coming here? You know what Kobayashi Pharmaceutical assets are like? ”

Speaking At this, Don Albert paused, and said coldly: “I’m telling you! The Kobayashi family’s assets, more than 30 billion US dollars, are three times as much as your Hogwarts family!”

Walter was immediately stunned when he heard this. , Murmured: “That Japanese, is it the former chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiro Kobayashi?!”

“Yes! That’s Jiro Kobayashi!” Don Albert said, and continued mocking: “Look. Look, Jiro Kobayashi has three times the family assets of yours, and it’s just a servant who feeds and shovels dog shit every day in my place. Rubbish like you still wants to stay here and do coolies? Take a picture of yourself, do you fucking deserve it?”

Walter was speechless, and his heart was desperately secretive: “I really didn’t expect that in Don Albert’s kennel, there is actually a Kobayashi. The second young master of the pharmaceutical industry”

“The situation of the Kobayashi family is completely different from the Hogwitz family. The Kobayashi family itself has only two descendants, the eldest son Ichiro Kobayashi, and the second son Jiro Kobayashi, with an average of 30 billion in assets.”

“And our Hogwitz family members are too fucking capable of giving birth. My brothers, sisters, cousins, and cousins ​​add up to nearly 20 people and 10 billion dollars in assets. Individuals don’t get much at all.”

“So, compared to Jiro Kobayashi, I’m a thousand miles away.”

“Even he raises a dog here, so don’t I really have any chance?!”

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