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Chapter 2384

At that time, her biggest wish was that her parents would one day understand themselves. Unexpectedly, at this moment, this wish was realized! Thinking of this, Doris’ eyes were flushed and her nose was sore that she almost burst into tears.

In order to prevent his parents from crying, Doris hurriedly said to the two of them: “Dad and Mom, you two will wait for me for a while, I will go through the discharge procedures now, let’s go home!” At the time, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert had already captured the American classmate of Doris Young, Walter Hogwitz, the eldest son of the American Hogwitz family, and all of Walter’s men in Don Albert’s kennel.

Don Albert, the kennel, not only raises the fighting dogs for him, but also handles a lot of gray things for him, so from the time of construction, a lot of thought was spent.

First of all, Don Albert’s kennel farm was built in a relatively remote suburban area, which was originally large and sparsely populated. In order to further prevent future problems, Don Albert also registered an agricultural technology company. All the cultivated land around the factory was rented. .

Don Albert rented these cultivated land to cover people’s eyes and ears, so in order not to doubt people, he also specially selected a group of cultivated land from his horses to cultivate this large piece of land around the kennel.

In this way, the kennel is safer and it will not attract the attention of others.

Not only the periphery, but also pay attention to safety. Inside the kennel, the security equipment is more complete.

The fence of the kennel does not seem to be high. From the outside, there is no mention of high-voltage power grids and iron briers. It does not look like a very important place.

However, on the inside of the fence, there is a high-voltage power grid one meter wide across ninety degrees.

For those who are trapped inside, the high-voltage power grid is just above their heads, it is impossible to climb up, so there is no way to escape.

Inside the kennel, there is a huge row of kennels. These kennels are all steel-welded iron cages with only a very very strong iron fence.

The locks of each iron fence door are not ordinary mechanical locks, but three solid lines of defense composed of mechanical locks, fingerprint locks, and remote electromagnetic locks.

Therefore, whether it is a terribly lethal fighting dog or a martial arts master with very strong personal strength, if it is really locked in here, there is basically no chance of escape!

All of Walter’s men were placed in one of the iron cages, while Walter enjoyed a very different treatment and could enjoy an iron cage exclusively.

And the outside of this iron cage is connected with a set of special equipment for dialysis. Because it is the iron cage, all kinds of pipelines can be passed through easily without preventing Walter from receiving dialysis in the cage.

At this time, Walter, dragged into the iron cage by Don Albert’s men like a dog, still yelled in despair, “You can’t do this to me. I am the eldest son of the Hogwitz family, Rothschild. Relatives of the German family!”

A black-clothed man beside him snorted coldly, and cursed: “What kind of shit, the Rothschild family, in China, any foreign family must be honest! You really think China is Your back garden, come as you want and leave as you want? What do you think you are?” After that, he grabbed Walter by the collar, broke Walter’s mouth forcefully, and poured a bottle directly into his mouth. Liquid, then, regardless of Walter’s struggle, he directly covered his mouth, and then let go of his hand when he swallowed all the liquid medicine.

Walter coughed a few times and asked in horror: “What the hell did you give me a drink?!”

Isaac Cameron stood outside the cage and sneered: “Don’t you like secretly poisoning others with mercury dichloride? Your favorite Things, why can’t you taste it?”

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