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Chapter 2383

Doris Young was also very melancholy when she heard her mother’s emotion. In her heart, she was full of affection for Charlie. But unfortunately, she knew that she had few opportunities. The only thing that can be done is to work well in the Emgrand Group and take the Emgrand Group to a higher level, in order to return Charlie’s kindness to him, and at the same time to relax her deep feelings for Charlie.

When Sydney saw her daughter being silent, of course she felt very distressed. She gently took Doris’ hand and said seriously: “Good girl, mom always urged you to get married earlier, but now, mom understands that some things are wrong. It’s difficult to get it done, so you will work and live according to your own ideas in the future. Mom will no longer point fingers at your life and work.”

Mr. Young on the side could not help but exclaimed: “Doris, Your mother is right! In the past, we always looked at your own problems from the perspective of our thinking about problems. This kind of thinking does lack respect for you. In the future, your own affairs will be your own decision, and parents will never again. Intervene”

Doris was grateful when she heard this. There is always a lack of generation gap between children and their parents, and there are various misunderstandings. But in fact, this generation gap and misunderstanding arise not because of material things or money, but because of lack of understanding. Parents lack understanding of their children, and children do the same with their parents. Just like the current parents, most of them hope that their children can enter a good university, find a decent and profitable job, and then settle down in a city as big as possible, and have a smooth life. But they never knew what their children wanted.

Maybe their children don’t want to be admitted to a good university, they just want to be able to pursue their hobbies; Maybe they don’t want to make a lot of money in big cities, they just want to travel around the world with his ideals. Maybe they don’t want this life to be too smooth, so that the smooth is a little flat. Maybe they just want to feel the magnificence of some life in their only one life.

It’s like, many times, parents will look for an object with very good overall conditions for their children. In their eyes, the child can marry such an object, absolutely safe and carefree for a lifetime. However, the children do not pursue stability and carefreeness at all as they thought. What they pursue is a vigorous and unforgettable love.

This is why, all the great books on love in ancient and modern China and abroad, almost all have a tragic core of rebelling against their parents for love and ultimately choosing to die in love.

Romeo and Juliet in the West are such stories. Therefore, this misunderstanding between parents and children is not a phenomenon unique to modern society, but almost runs through the entire history of human development.

Doris has always felt that her parents do not understand her enough, that they do not understand her own ambitions, nor do they understand her own feelings. They feel that they don’t need to do their best for work or even delay their private life.

They also feel that they should find a boyfriend who can understand all aspects as soon as possible, get married and have children as soon as possible, and stabilize their lives. Once upon a time, Doris felt distressed because of the urging of marriage at home.

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