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Chapter 2382

Doris Young sent Charlie to the door, seeing Charlie leave, only then returned to the ward.

As soon as he entered the ward, Sydney hurried over, took Doris Young’s hand, and asked concerned: “Ms. Young, what is the relationship between that Charlie and you?”

Doris Young hurriedly said: “It’s just the relationship of ordinary friends.”

“Ordinary friends?” When Sydney heard this, she hurriedly asked her: “Then do you have a good impression of Charlie in your heart?”

Doris Young said in a panic: “Ah? I don’t have one!”

Sydney shook his head and said with a face of disbelief: ” Your mother is sweongf? You can tell at a glance, you must have a good impression of him!”

Doris suddenly didn’t know how to answer. She naturally had a good impression of Charlie in her heart, and she also had a deep affection.

Especially this time, Charlie not only helped himself punish Walter who poisoned his father, he even saved her father’s life with a precious magic medicine.

This made her feel good about Charlie to an unprecedented height.

However, she was very clear: “Charlie Wade is a dignified young master, just a group Imperial on the value of over one hundred billion, this identity, how could I tell him?”

“Not to mention, he would already have Husband, even my wife, Claire, did not deal with work less.”

Thinking of this, Doris Young still didn’t understand, “Why did Charlie marry Claire? Claire I’ve been in contact a few times, and I look really pretty, but the real ability to do things is not really outstanding.”

“If Charlie had been helping her secretly, she would have been unable to get the cooperation of the Emgrand Group for the Wilson Group. ”

“Even the design studio she started her own business, the overall strength is not top-notch. If she follows the normal process, her studio will not be able to get any project from the Emgrand Group, and it does not even have the ability to bid for the Emgrand Group. Qualifications for the project.”

“However, it is precisely because Charlie spoils her that I did various bridges and pavements for her.”

“Furthermore, Claire’s family conditions are not very good either. When the Wilson Group was at its peak, it was just a trivial family”


“I am not worse than Claire in terms of ability;”

“I am no worse than Claire in terms of family”

“Even if it is about looks, I dare not say that it is difficult with her. It’s a good match, but at least it’s not much worse.”

“Unfortunately, Charlie chose Claire, a girl who is not so brilliant. This is Claire’s luck. I may not have this opportunity in my life. ”

Thinking of this, Doris Young can’t help but feel a little melancholy.

At this time, Sydney said earnestly: “Doirs, mom really thinks that you and Charlie are really a good match, and Wilsonye, the young man, is really good. People are so concerned about our family’s affairs. It’s also a little bit interesting to you, plus you are also interesting to him, so you can’t follow the flow of the boat and focus on his development?”

When Doris heard her mother’s words, she was a little embarrassed, and she blurted out, “Oh mom, what do you think? Charlie is married!”

“Ah?!” Sydney exclaimed when he heard this answer, and asked incredulously: “You said he was married?! Really?!”

Doris Young Helplessly said: “Of course it is true, can I lie to you?”

Sydney suddenly became extremely sorry, and said with a sigh, “Hey, why do you think these good boys are all married?”

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