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Chapter 2380

The advantage of an intellectual is that although she may not really understand medical matters, she has a more accurate knowledge and judgment on many things than ordinary people.

Doris Young stepped forward to help her mother, crying and saying: “Mom, don’t worry, Charlie saved my father, and I will repay him as a cow and a horse in the future.”

Sydney nodded lightly, choked up and said: “Charlie , From now on, you will be our family’s great benefactor.”

Mr. Young on the hospital bed couldn’t help but red eyes, and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, you saved this old life of uncle. If you have any use of uncle in the future, please follow me. Uncle speaks, uncle’s heart and soul are stunned, and he won’t hesitate!”

Charlie smiled helplessly, shook his head lightly, and said seriously: “Uncle and aunt are all serious, Ms. Young is my friend, this is just friends helping each other, she doesn’t help me less often, and I can be regarded as repaying her favor.”

Doris Young was deeply moved when she heard this. She knew the meaning of Charlie’s words, and she must have felt that she didn’t bother to help him take care of the Emgrand Group.

However, she was very clear in her heart: “It is my job to take care of the Emgrand Group, and it is my job. I have taken the salary of the young master and I will serve the Emgrand Group. This is justified, so I suppose I did not help the young master. and, just took over the young master Emgrand Group did not take long, give me my salary doubled, I worked hard for him, is not it should do ”

on her When he was ashamed, Dr. Kelso, who had been silent on the side, plucked up the courage to ask: “This little brother, can you ask you a question?”

Charlie nodded, “Dr. Kelso, please.”

Dr. Kelso is busy. Question: “I want to dare to ask, what kind of medicine did you give Professor Young? Of course, if there are any secrets involved and cannot be said, I understand it 100%!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “It’s not a secret. It’s just that I asked for this medicine from the genius doctor Dr. Simmons. It is said that the genius doctor is not the creator of this magic medicine. His old man also accidentally obtained a small amount of ancient famous doctors. The pill that has been handed down is very small in the world, but now I have one less one.”

Dr. Kelso suddenly realized when he heard this, he patted his thigh and said with emotion: “I remember! Last time I was in our hospital. , There is a patient with high paraplegia. It was because of taking the magic medicine brought by Dr. Simmons, he recovered instantly. It is said that the medicine used for God at that time was the ancient Chinese medicine pill whose prescription was lost. I did not expect this kind of medicine to be so. Miraculous, not only can cure high paraplegia, it can also cure the irreversible acute renal failure in the eyes of modern medicine.”

At this point, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for a while, and said in a sad tone: “Our ancestors left so many amazing things. Things, it’s a pity that we haven’t been able to keep them well handed down. If this miraculous medicine can be rediscovered and reproduced, it will really be the gospel to the people of the world.”

Charlie nodded and smiled, and said nothing.

Dr. Kelso checked the time and said, “Oh, it’s almost eleven o’clock. I have to go to other wards for rounds first, so I won’t bother too much.”

Doris Young hurriedly sent Dr. Kelso out. When she came back in, Charlie also said: “Uncle, aunt, Ms. Young, it’s really late, I have to go back first.”

Sydney hurriedly said: “Oh, Charlie, what’s the hurry, let’s sit a little longer!”

Doris Young on the side, I was afraid that her mother would show too much enthusiasm for Charlie, so she hurriedly said, “Mom, this is a hospital ward, not my own home. How can anyone stay in the ward for a while?”

After she finished speaking, she quickly said again. Said: “Besides, Dad is completely healed now. Let’s go home quickly. The hospital feels too depressive for me during this period. I don’t want to stay here for a minute.”

Sydney heard this. Then, I had to say to Charlie with some regrets: “Charlie, the aunt will not keep you today. Tomorrow, Auntie will cook a big meal at home, thank you very much, you must show your face!”

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