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Chapter 2378

He might go to conquer Mount Everest, or go skiing in the Alps, vacationing in France, exploring Antarctica, or diving in Tahiti. But it was the accident that changed his life trajectory drastically.

Originally, he was the world’s top rich child, with a population of six to seven billion people in the world, and no more than one hundred people who can reincarnate so well. However, after eight years of age, he became the poorest and most miserable orphan. Compared with other orphans, he has a harder life.

This is because he not only has no father and no mother like other orphans, but also lives in an orphanage like other orphans. In his young heart, he still has to endure the pain of his parents being murdered, endure unshakable hatred, and endure the huge gap from heaven to hell.

In a blink of an eye, nineteen years have passed. The little boy who stood crying to death at the entrance of the orphanage has now grown into a 27-year-old adult man.

As Sydney said, the best age in life is in the ten years from 20 to 30, but for Charlie, seven years have passed since the golden ten years.

Charlie couldn’t help asking himself: “In the past seven years, I haven’t had any chance to enjoy life. What will happen to the next three years? If the feuds of my parents are not reported in these three years, then my golden ten years will pass.”

At this point, Charlie felt a little bit lost in his heart. However, he never resented the past nineteen years of life. Although in these nineteen years, the first fifteen years were lonely and helpless, and the following three years suffered all kinds of cynicism, it can be said that he has tasted all the hardships in the world.

Sydney didn’t expect that after a few words of his own, Charlie seemed to be a little confused, and couldn’t help asking him: “Did I accidentally say something wrong just now? Why does this Charlie feel like he is worried? ”

At this time, Doris Young has already ran back out of breath.

She was holding two plastic bags in her hand, and she was still gasping for breath, and said with some difficulty: “Parents, I’m back from buying food , hurry up and eat.” Sydney hurriedly saw her daughter babbling. Asked: “Doris, what’s the matter with you?”

Doris Young hurriedly said: “It’s okay, I just ran a little faster. I feel a little bit of breath now, so I can rest for a while.”

Mr. Young couldn’t help but feel distressed. “Oh, what are you doing so fast? Walk slowly, just buy it slowly, not very anxious.”

Doris Young said unnaturally, “Dad, aren’t you hungry? I haven’t eaten for so long.

I’m also afraid that you will be starving.” In fact, Doris Young was embarrassed to tell the truth.

The reason she ran so fast was because she was afraid that her parents would say something to Charlie that they shouldn’t say. That’s why she deliberately ran faster, trying to compress the time that her parents and Charlie spend alone.

At this moment, the little nurse also ran in quickly and blurted out in surprise, “Dr. Kelso! The patient’s blood came out, and the blood creatinine was only 45!”

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