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Chapter 2377

Charlie didn’t get to Sydney’s point for a while, but he was a little embarrassed to hear her say this. After all, Doris Young is his own employee. Although the Emgrand Group is its own, the operation, management, and development of the entire Emgrand Group are almost entirely handled by Doris Young alone.

In contrast, he is a hand-off shopkeeper. If it is true that Doris Young quit his job to fall in love and travel around the world according to what Sydney said, it would be tantamount to leaving the Emgrand Group behind.

From his heart, naturally, he didn’t want this situation, after all, who would let his capable person not do business and run around the world. However, he was also very clear in his heart that he was chatting with Doris Young’s parents anyway, so just follow their words and talk about it.

So he smiled and said, “Auntie, what you said is very reasonable. In fact, you should go out to feel the world and enjoy life more when you are young.”

When Sydney heard Charlie say this, she immediately smiled and nodded and said, “That’s right. It seems that you and I have the same ideas. When you look back, you should help me to persuade Doris. Anyway, you are also a self-employed person. Self-employed people have relatively free time. When she resigns or takes a long vacation, You two can go on a trip together.”

“Me?” Charlie was stunned and couldn’t help laughing: “Auntie, my time is not as free as you think. I still have a lot of things in peace.”

Sydney waved his hand. Seriously: “Listen to my advice, if you are your age, if you don’t enjoy life well, and you will get married and have children in the future, you will really be chained to death!”

After that, Sydney couldn’t help feeling: “I and Doris’ father had been tired from all sorts of worries when I was pregnant with Doris. At that time, I thought that it would be easier when she was born, but I didn’t expect that it would be more tiring when she was born.”

“Later, we thought about it and waited. It’s just fine for the child to go to kindergarten, but I really waited for her to go to kindergarten and found that things were even more troublesome!”

“Not only to pick a day, but also concerned about her physically labor-round development, and after class to learn musical instruments, learn dance, learn calligraphy, riding a bike with her every day to find the teacher in the class full of wisdom; and other In elementary school, you should not only pay attention to hobbies, but also pay attention to your children’s learning. Then there is no time period for junior high school, junior high school, and high school entrance examination. There is no time period that is really easy.”

Mr. Young sitting in the hospital bed couldn’t help feeling Said: “Yes! From the time she was pregnant with the child, until the child was admitted to university, this is really a real life. Over the past ten or twenty years, it has been a lot of hard work.”

Sydney could not help sighing: “So Say ah, you young people must enjoy life while you are young!”

“The best golden age in a person’s life is the ten years from 20 to 30!”

“In these ten years, you have a relative A complete worldview, outlook on life and values, and the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and even achieved financial independence to a certain extent, finally began to break away from parental control and experience the freedom of adults.”

“If you don’t go well in these ten years Grasp it, don’t enjoy it, you will definitely regret it in the future!”

Charlie nodded in agreement. When he was young, he also had a lot of fanciful fantasies. The education of his parents never helped him grow up or hope his son will become a dragon.

When he was young, his mother would always tell him: life is short and the world is big, and I hope he can be a happy person, a person who can travel all over the world and eventually gain happiness and live up to this life.

If those accidents don’t happen, the Wade Family’s financial resources are enough to support Charlie’s economic freedom from childhood to age, and enough to support him to pursue his dreams when he is in his twenties.

Charlie has never put money in his eyes, so after he reaches adulthood, there is a high probability that he will not be involved in family battles. In that case, he is likely to indulge in traveling the world every day.

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