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Chapter 2375

Serum creatinine is an important indicator for judging the degree of kidney damage. The higher the blood creatinine value, the higher the degree of kidney damage. For a normal adult, the value of blood creatinine is generally within 133. Exceeding this value indicates that the kidney has been damaged. Once the value exceeds 450, it can be assessed as renal failure, if it exceeds 700, it basically falls into the category of uremia.

And Mr. Young’s blood monitoring at noon today showed that his blood creatinine index has reached more than 1,500! Therefore, I want to know if he is really getting better now, or even healed, the blood creatinine index is the most important reference standard.

Soon, the nurse rushed over.

Seeing Mr. Young’s sudden energetic appearance, the nurse was shocked to speak. It took a long while to recover after Dr. Kelso’s reminder, and quickly collected Mr. Young’s blood. The blood was rushed to the laboratory for testing, and the results took as long as 20 minutes.

Just as everyone was waiting for the blood results, Mr. Young clutched his stomach and asked his wife Sydney awkwardly: “Wife, do you have anything to eat? I suddenly feel so hungry, and my stomach is growling.”

Sydney Wiping tears, choked up and said, “You have been in a coma these days, and your stomach is also showing signs of exhaustion. The doctor said that even the nasal feeding method of intubating the esophagus from the nose is not suitable, so I always rely on infusion of nutrients. If you don’t have anything to eat,”

Doris Young hurriedly said: “Dad, what do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you now!”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly asked Dr. Kelso: “Dr. Kelso, does my dad have anything right now? Need to avoid food ?” Dr. Kelso said: “Your dad hasn’t eaten anything in the past few days, and his body consumes a lot. It is still necessary to quickly supplement nutrients and calories, but do not eat spicy food.”

Mr. Young hurriedly said: “Dr. Kelso, can I have some roast duck buns? It would be better if I could have a bowl of duck!”

If Aurous Hill people select ten favorite foods, roast duck buns are Sure to be on the list.

Roast duck bun is similar to Eastcliff roast duck, but the roast duck is used as bun stuffing and packed into buns.

Mr. Young is a native of Aurous Hill, so he thought of these when he didn’t eat for a few days.

Dr. Kelso nodded and smiled after listening: “All of these are okay, but duck must not put chili peppers.”

Doris Young hurriedly said, “Then I will buy it!”

Charlie on the side said : “Ms. Young, I go along with you. ”

When Charlie was about to leave with Doris Young, Doris Young’s mother Sydney hurriedly said: “Oh, Doris, Mr. Wade is a distinguished guest and a great benefactor to our family. Don’t let Mr. Wade go back and forth with you when you buy things. There is a restaurant on the opposite side. You can buy it directly, let Mr. Wade rest here for a while, just to have a few words with your dad.”

Doris suddenly became nervous when she saw this posture. She knows her mother too well. In the past two years, I have become older and older, and my mother has been urging myself to find a partner to marry and have children.

After all, in the eyes of older generations of them, women who are over twenty-five years old have to hurry up to get married. At this time, career and schooling are not more important than marriage.

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