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Chapter 2373

Halfway through feeding the liquid medicine to Doris Young’s father, the mother and daughter were shocked to find that Myles Young’s pale, paper-like face instantly became a little rosy.

This is what Chinese medicine calls the color of blood! People’s blood is strong enough, and the complexion will be ruddy and shiny. Once the blood is insufficient, it will become white or sallow.

Why are terminally ill patients almost pale, even their lips are not even half bloody, it is because the blood in the body has long been exhausted. This is the case with Doris Young’s father.

Extremely severe kidney failure has long put his life on the line. The whole person, like a plant on the verge of dying, wilted to the extreme. However, just after the medicine was taken in, his body began to undergo earth-shaking changes.

In the eyes of the mother and daughter, this scene is like watching a documentary on a TV station.

In some documentaries, in order to witness nature from the depression of all things in winter to the recovery of the earth in spring, a video camera was used deliberately to take time-lapse photography, filming a forest from the beginning of winter to the blooming of spring flowers, and then speed up Play.

In this way, the audience can see the whole process of the recovery of all things in nature in a few seconds!

At that moment, everyone will be shocked by the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature. The mother and daughter at this time witnessed such a miracle! Doris Young’s father, Myles Young, has undergone a radical change in a very short time.

After his skin became rosy and shiny, his breathing became much stronger. It can be seen from the monitor next to him that his blood pressure, which was originally very low, began to rise rapidly in a short time!

After a while, Myles Young slowly opened his eyes. At this moment, the mother and daughter burst into tears with excitement!

Doris Young laughed and cried and asked with concern: “Dad! How are you feeling, Dad!”

Sydney also cried with joy and asked, “Husband, are you feeling better?”

Myles Young’s brain still didn’t respond. , Hurriedly asked them: “How long did I sleep?”

Sydney hurriedly said, “How long have you slept…You have been in a deep coma for several days!”

“Ah?” Myles Young exclaimed: ” I’ve been in a coma for so long?! Why don’t I feel at all? It just feels like I have slept for a long time…”

Doris Young hurriedly asked him: “Dad, are you feeling okay now?”

Myles Young thought. I thought, I sat upright and moved my limbs, and said in surprise: “It feels pretty good! It doesn’t seem uncomfortable at all. Has the hospital found the source of my kidneys?”

“No.” Sydney blurted out: ” You have never been able to find the source of your kidney. Thanks to Doris’ friend who brought you a magical medicine, you woke up!”

Myles Young exclaimed, “The magical medicine?! What kind of magical medicine?” Knowing how to explain it, he hurriedly said: “Oh, don’t ask so much. You are not a Chinese medicine doctor. How can you understand this magic medicine? Or hurry up to thank Mr. Wade!”

Myles Young raised his head. Seeing Charlie standing next to him, he hurriedly said gratefully: “Mr. Wade, thank you so much this time!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Uncle Young is not so polite. I and Ms. Young are good friends. . It’s a little effort, ”

Sydney help exclaimed:” Myles, I see you now state color are very good, want to come to some physical condition has been greatly improved, I can have the doctor come to you to check it! ”

On side, Doris Young hurriedly asked Charlie in a low voice: “It doesn’t matter if the doctor comes to see it?”

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