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Chapter 2370

“The Wade Family’s strength is at least dozens of times stronger than the Hogwitz family!”

Thinking of this, Walter really realized how sad and ridiculous he was.

I thought I came to Aurous Hill and I could do whatever I wanted as long as I avoided Isaac Cameron, but I didn’t expect it to provoke the young master of the Wade family!

So, while he kept beating his face vigorously, he cried and said, “Master Wade, I have no eyes and I did not expect to offend you. I don’t know that Doris Young is your friend. If I know, kill me. I won’t have any plans for her.”

Charlie smiled and asked him: “Do you know that the Emgrand Group is also my property?”

“Ah?!” Walter opened his eyes and blurted: I really don’t know, Master Wade. If I knew, you give me the courage, I would not dare to have any evil thoughts on the Emgrand Group.”

Before Walter came, he had specifically checked the background of the Emgrand Group.

However, because this company was bought by the Wade family as a gift to Charlie, it was not included in the Wade family’s own assets.

He checked, but did not understand the background, he thought it was just a real estate company in the province.

In addition, he wanted to quickly gain a foothold in China, and even quickly achieve profitability, and Doris Young happened to be the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group, so he started Doris Young’s idea.

He always felt that as long as Doris Young could be controlled by himself, he would not only be able to possess Doris Young, but also draw a part of the blood from the Emgrand Group in order to quickly improve his strength.

But he did not expect that the company he wanted to suck blood turned out to be the property of Young Master Wade! It’s like a mouse, thinking about the tiger’s food carelessly, it’s just looking for a dead end!

Isaac Cameron glanced at Walter at this time, with a bit of pity in his eyes, and thought to himself: “This Walter can be regarded as a handsome, handsome and talented person, plus the family is also a wealthy businessman. The future is limitless.”

“But, he is. It’s not good to provoke anyone, but I want to provoke the young master. Isn’t this a rush to fly over 10,000 kilometers from the United States to find death?”

Then Isaac Cameron looked at Charlie and asked respectfully: “Master, I will take this Walter away now ? ”

Charlie nodded:.” take it away, ”

Walter scared whole body limp, blurted shouted:”! Master, let me ask you a horse it was my grandmother leaves young master Rothschild family man, You have always heard of the Rothschilde family, right? The world’s top families, wealthy nations, and the entire economic and energy lifeline of Europe and America are in the hands of the Rothschild family!”

“If you let me go, I It can help you get online with the Rothschild family, and let you cooperate with the Rothschild family. This is good for you!”

Charlie heard it and sneered: “I’m sorry, I have no interest in cooperating with The Rothschild family.”

Walter saw that the profit could not be tempted, and he was dying to struggle: “If you really insist on locking me up and performing inhumane torture, once the Rothschild family knows, you Have you considered the consequences?”

“Although I am not named Rothschild, a quarter of my body comes from the blood of the Rothschild family. Rothschild will not allow anyone to treat offspring with their blood in this way! ”

By then, they will definitely not let you go! They will only make you die worse!”

Isaac Cameron slapped Walter angrily when he heard this, and said coldly: “Are you looking for death? Death?” When I arrived, you dared to speak wildly to the young master, believe it or not, I cut your tongue?!” Charlie waved his hand to interrupt Isaac Cameron at this time, and said calmly: “Isaac, let him say what he wants to say. ”

Walter yelled in panic: “I’m done! You’d better consider carefully whether you really want to offend the entire Rothschild family because of me!”

Charlie nodded, smiled, and said playfully: “The truth is. To tell you, I am not afraid to offend the Rothschild family, because even if they don’t come to me, I will find them sooner or later!”

At this point, Charlie paused slightly, and said firmly and domineeringly: “There is also a blood debt, which must be calculated slowly with the Rothschild family!”

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