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Chapter 2369

Isaac Cameron and Don Albert moved extremely fast.

Within dozens of minutes, all Walt’s men in Aurous Hill, including the Alex who was about to throw the body, were controlled by the two of them.

From Aurous Hill People’s Hospital, Isaac Cameron came in person.

His men took their guns directly and surrounded the two cars under Walter’s. As soon as the guns were aimed at the five men, the five men immediately surrendered and surrendered obediently.

Immediately afterwards, the five people were all taken into a modified minibus. And their Rolls Royce and Buick Commercial were driven away by Don Albert’s men. These two cars will be sent directly to a car recycling plant in Don Albert tonight, where they will be disassembled, squeezed into a pile of scrap iron, and thrown into a steelmaking furnace.

In other words, after tonight, it is impossible for anyone to find the whereabouts of these two cars.

Afterwards, Isaac Cameron called Charlie and respectfully said: “Master, the five people downstairs in the hospital are under control, where are you? I will take people over and take that Walter away with me!”

Charlie said in a detour. “You come directly to the No. 1 intensive care unit of the Department of Nephrology .”

“Good young master!”

Walter, who had been afraid to speak any more, heard Charlie’s conversation with Isaac Cameron, and his whole body burst into tears.

He really did not expect that he would end in such a tragic end.

I thought I was the Raptors crossing the river and came to Aurous Hill to swim freely, so naturally I didn’t put Doris Young in my eyes. I just wanted to take the opportunity to collect her as a plaything, and then drain her use value.

However, who could have predicted that there are people like Charlie with hands, eyes and fierce methods in a small place like Aurous Hill.

Walter felt extremely regretful in his heart, but regret could not solve any problems. From the day he decided to poison Doris Young’s father, his destiny was already doomed.

Soon, Isaac Cameron took people to the ward. The moment Walter saw Isaac Cameron, he seemed to have seen a ghost! Just now, Charlie and Isaac Cameron only made a voice call on WeChat. Walt only knew that Charlie was communicating with his subordinates, but Walter didn’t know who his subordinates were.

However, when he saw Isaac Cameron, his whole body was instantly struck by lightning!

“Isaac Cameron?!” Walter blurted out subconsciously: “Why are you here?”

When Walter first came to Aurous Hill, out of basic etiquette, he had taken the initiative to visit Isaac Cameron.

The reason why he came to visit Isaac Cameron was because he knew that Isaac Cameron was the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill. It can be said that he is the person with the strongest background in Aurous Hill. When he first arrived, he naturally wanted to be familiar.

However, the two met only that time. In Walter’s cognition, Isaac Cameron represents the pinnacle of Aurous Hill’s influence, but he never dreamed that Isaac Cameron would appear here.

Isaac Cameron looked at Walter, smiled playfully, and said: “Walter, when you saw me last time, didn’t you say that you have admired the Wade family for a long time? The Charlie Wade in front of you is the young master of the Wade family!

“What?!” Walter felt his heart being run over by a heavily loaded train in turn!

“I unexpectedly annoyed the Wade Family’s Young Master?!”

“What kind of stupid I am to annoy the Wade Family’s Young Master?!”

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