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Chapter 2365

Facing Walter’s dying struggle, Charlie said calmly: “Walter, don’t worry, Ms. Young’s father would not die without your kidney source!”

Walter shook his head, and said confidently, “No. Probably, absolutely impossible! The rh-negative kidney source is very difficult to find. Without my kidney source, he can only wait to die!”

After that, he knelt in front of Doris Young and cried and said, “Ms. Young, I beg You, as long as you are willing to let me go, don’t hand me over to the police, I can give you 100 million dollars! Please, don’t hand me over to the police, otherwise my life will be over.”

Doris Young When he was about to refuse, Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Walter, don’t worry, I will never hand you over to the police!”

Walter thought that his $100 million promise had worked, and said hurriedly: “Wade Master, as long as you let me leave Aurous Hill, when I arrive in the United States, I will pay you 100 million dollars immediately!”

Charlie waved his hand: “My friend, don’t get me wrong. I said I won’t hand you over to The police, but it doesn’t mean that I will let you go. These are two different things.”

Walter looked at Charlie in panic, blurted out and asked, “Then what do you want?”

Charlie smiled: “Don’t worry, what do I want That way, you will know soon.” After that, Charlie grabbed his collar and asked sharply: “I ask you, how many people did you bring to the People’s Hospital this time? Let me say one less or one more. I’ll let someone unload your arm!”

Walter shivered with fright, and quickly said, “There are five people including the driver and the bodyguard.”

Charlie continued to ask, “Where are the people?”

Walter said honestly. : “Everyone is in the car at the entrance of the lobby downstairs. There are two cars in total, one is Rolls Royce and the other is Buick Commercial.”

Charlie nodded, and immediately pulled a group on WeChat to send Isaac Cameron. He and Don Albert came in and started a group voice chat.

After the two received them, they immediately connected in and asked in their voices: “Master, what do you want?”

Charlie said seriously: “Isaac, Don Albert, immediately send your most elite subordinates to help grab all of Walter Hogwitz’s men, and don’t keep any of them!”

After that, Charlie said again: “Oh, yes, he still has a car in Aurous Hill People’s Hospital, just outside the lobby of the inpatient department. Here, there are a Rolls Royce, a Buick Commercial, there are five people in total. You quietly send someone over and take them all to me!”

Isaac Cameron asked in surprise: “Master, why did you conflict with Walter? ? ”

Charlie asked him:”Do you know this Walter did? ”

“I do not know, but I know this person. “Isaac Cameron explains:” Hogwarts family, although not in the United States the top family, but still some Well-known, so people like Walter come to Aurous Hill, and I will have a wired newspaper here.”

“Wire newspaper?” Charlie asked curiously: “Did you send someone to stare at this piece?”

“Yes!” Isaac Cameron said: ” The task given to me by the Wade family is to control the entire Aurous Hill situation. Not only some internal situations in Aurous Hill, but also the external situations must be well known. Once some people with background come to Aurous Hill, I will make a record. ”

Charlie asked him: “Is this Hogwitz family very big?”

Isaac Cameron thought for a while and said seriously: “If you want to talk about this Hogwitz family, it’s not very big, right?”

With that said, he continued to explain: “All the assets of the Hogwitz family add up to about 10 billion U.S. dollars. They are not even in the top two hundred in the United States, but their family has some special background.”

Charlie asked, “What is the special background?”

Isaac Cameron explained: “The Hogwitz family and the Rothschild family are more or less related.”


Hearing the Rothschild family, Charlie couldn’t help but move.

He knew that the highest moment of his father’s life was to lead the Wade family and several other Chinese families to jointly fight against the economic aggression of the Rothschild family. That time, he caused the Rothschild family to suffer a lot of property damage and face loss.

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