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Chapter 2364

He instructed Alex to kill him, so he can’t escape the crime of intentional murder! After all, in Chinese law, anyone who abets others to commit a crime must be punished as the principal offender! He instigated his subordinates to kill someone, even if he didn’t do it himself, once he went to court, it would be at least a life sentence! If you add the crime of poisoning Doris Young’s father, you might be sentenced to a suspended death sentence.

Thinking of this, he suddenly collapsed, knelt on the ground with a puff, and cried, “Sorry, I was confused for a while, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it on purpose.”

Charlie slapped his face and asked: “You instructed your men to kill, and you said you didn’t mean it? Are you fucking kidding me?!”

Walter covered his face and cried. Said: “I’m just a ghost. I want to take possession of Doris Young. I want Doris Young to resign from the Emgrand Group to help me expand our family’s business in China. I want her to steal the Emgrand Group’s business secrets and help me grow in China and she has a firm foothold, that’s why I made the best move and wanted to force her to submit.”

When Doris Young heard this, she was out of anger! Doris Young, who has always been very educated, couldn’t control herself at this moment. She slapped Walter angrily and rebuked her hysterically: “Why?! Why did you do this?! My father’s life, could it be? Your bargaining chip to develop your career and satisfy your animality? Why are you so vicious?! Tell me, why!!!”

Doris Young’s mother heard this, and her blood pressure soared, she shivered and rebuked: ” You bastard!!! You cost my husband’s life!!!” After she finished speaking, she only felt dizzy in her brain, and she lost consciousness and fell straight to the ground.

Doris Young looked shocked, and subconsciously blurted out, “Mom!”

Charlie hurriedly supported Doris Young’s mother, and then checked her breath, and found that she was just an insufficiency of blood supply to the brain caused by her anger and heart attack, and there was no danger to her life, so he gently helped her to lie down on the sofa. .

At this time, Walter covered his face and cried bitterly: “Ms. Young, I beg you to forgive me this time. I can immediately call the staff in the United States and ask them to perform kidney removal surgery on the donor. I will send it to

my uncle early tomorrow morning.” “I can still give you 10 million US dollars as compensation. If 10 million is not enough, then 20 million.” As he said, Walter cried and pleaded: “Ms. Young, Please, give me a chance! Please, don’t hand me over to the police! ”

Walter at this time is not afraid of what Charlie will do to him. He felt that Charlie would beat himself up, but his real trouble was China’s judicial department.

After all, I’m not from China, and I don’t have much personal connections in China. If I was arrested by the police and prosecuted, I would be sentenced to a suspended death sentence.

Walter still has some understanding of China’s laws. Once he was sentenced to death with a suspended sentence, even if he was actively reformed in prison, he would never think of it for twenty years.

He is the eldest son of a tens of billions of dollars family, living a life of the most top, most extravagant, most wanton, most presumptuous dude, if he were to go to prison for more than 20 years, it would be more painful than killing him!

When Doris Young heard his pleading, she suddenly trembled with anger!

She stared at Walter hard and cursed coldly: “I tell you Walter! In any case, I won’t let you escape legal sanctions! Wait, I will call the police and arrest you!”

Walter was so frightened that he cried and wailed, “No, Ms. Young, I beg you, Ms. Young, don’t hand me over to the police! Even if you are unwilling to forgive me, you have to consider your father’s life! If I am really caught Now, who will find your kidney source?! Who will save your father’s life?! As a daughter, you can’t just watch your father die?!”

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