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Chapter 2360

Charlie grabbed his fist tightly, and asked with a sneer: “What? If you can’t beat it, you will admit it? This is what you call the Hogwitz family style?”

Walter did not expect Charlie to dare to humiliate My family is naturally extremely angry. However, he knew very well that the disparity between himself and Charlie’s strength was too great. At this time, only by recognizing counsel can he minimize losses.

As for the lost face, it doesn’t matter much, the big deal is when you find the opportunity to get it back a thousand times!

Think of it, he immediately said: “Master Wade, as you said, Hogwarts is indeed a powerful family in the United States, but here is China, Aurous Hill, also fail to get me to run wild here,”

He pretended to be pious and pleaded: “Master Wade, please see that because I am the first offender and have been slapped twice by you, please spare me this time.”

Charlie saw his face swollen into a pig’s head. Appearance, coldly snorted: “You didn’t even realize what your biggest mistake was! So, in my opinion, your superficial apology is just a trick to get out of trouble, without any sincerity!”

Walter’s scared face turned pale, and he blurted out: “Master Wade, you really misunderstood me. I really know that I was wrong. Ten thousand pious apologies to you,”

Charlie sneered. , And then suddenly twisted his right hand, only hearing a click, Walter’s wrist broke.

Walter screamed in pain immediately, and almost collapsed and shouted: “My hand! Why are you doing this to me! I have already admitted to you!”

Charlie looked at him and said coldly: “You are the most The person who should apologize is not me, but Ms. Young! You blackmailed her with your kidney source to achieve your shameless sordid goal. Haven’t you ever thought of apologizing to her?!”

When Walter heard this, he hurriedly looked at Doris Young on the side and blurted out: “Ms. Young, I was wrong! I really knew it was wrong! Please don’t be familiar with me, and also help me beseech with Master Wade.”

Doris Young At this moment, there was more or less compassion. Although she knew that Walter was a nasty person, in her opinion, Walter’s nasty was only his own wishful thinking, and she did not agree to him, nor was he intimidated by him. And looking at the current Walter, Charlie had been beaten badly enough, and even one wrist was broken, which is almost the same.

So she said to Charlie: “Master Wade, let him go, after all, I didn’t lose anything.”

Charlie nodded. He also didn’t want to be familiar with Walter. The descendant of an American real estate developer, worth tens of billions of dollars, will not be seen by China itself, not to mention this is still in Aurous Hill.

Therefore, as long as this Walter rolls farther from now on, he doesn’t bother to be familiar with him.

So, he stared at Walter, warning word by word: “From now on, don’t let me see you again, and don’t let Ms. Young see you again, understand?”

Walter heard this. The whole person is immediately amnesty!

He looked at Charlie and nodded like garlic and said: “Master Wade, don’t worry, I will never appear in front of you and Ms. Young in the future. ” When he said this, Walter thought: “Good for you. Your surname is Wade, you fucking dare to beat me, and you dare to break my wrist. If I don’t kill you, I won’t have the fucking surname Hogwitz!”

Charlie didn’t bother to listen to him Nonsense, he loosened his hand and said disdainfully: “Get off now! Keep rolling!”

Walter nodded again and again: “It’s me, get off now ! Get off now. ” He turned around and walked outside.

At this moment, Charlie frowned slightly, and suddenly called him sternly: “Wait a moment! I’ll ask you a question!”

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