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Chapter 2359

In fact, Walter still has a lot of business requirements for Doris Young, and even wants her to help herself empty the Emgrand Group. It’s just that Walter didn’t say this in front of Charlie. However, Walter had reservations, but it still made Charlie angry and unbearable.

He grabbed Walter by the collar and slapped it with the other hand! This big hand is extremely powerful, and the punch that he suddenly slams was instantly relieved of all his strength! Not only that, he can’t even let his fist move forward!

Walter was shocked and hurriedly wanted to pull his fists back, but in the next second, he realized that the opponent’s strength was so great that he could not shake these big hands with all his strength!

It felt like an ant was pressed at the fingertips of a giant, without any ability to resist. In Walter’s view, this almost violates common sense of physics!

In his opinion, even if the opponent is very strong, he can’t break away from the opponent’s restraint at all, but if he uses all the strength to pull, the opponent’s arm should at least move along?

Even if the opponent is a world champion, it is impossible to get rid of violently and ensure that his arm is almost motionless. Only at this moment did Walter realize that he was in trouble! With such a weird skill, even if the bodyguard follows him up, it is no use!

So, he immediately put on an extremely flattering expression, and confessed: “Master Wade I am really sorry! I have just arrived here, but I don’t know anyone, and I hope you don’t have general knowledge with me.”

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