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Chapter 2355

Doris Young lowered her head unconsciously when she heard this.

At this time, she couldn’t help feeling in her heart: “The young master is right. That’s how my father’s situation is getting worse every day. There is no hope at all.”

The only gleam of hope is the one that Walter found in the United States. The source of successful kidney However, Walter’s conditions are a great insult to my personality and character. However, if I am unwilling to accept his conditions, I must be prepared for my father to die at any time.”

Thinking of this, Doris Young’s eyes were sore, tears burst into her eyes instantly, dripping uncontrollably on the cold concrete floor. Afterwards, Doris Young’s negative emotions accumulated for many days exploded in an instant, slowly falling to the ground, crying with a headache.

Charlie saw that Doris Young, who had always been strong, was sobbing silently at this moment, and his heart could not help but feel a little distressed, thinking to himself: “She must have reached the point where she has nowhere to go, and her emotions will collapse like this.”

Thinking of this, He squatted in front of Doris Young, patted her shoulder gently, and said seriously: “Doris, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find the kidney source. I have a better way to save your father. It can save the old man from the pain of getting a knife on the operating table.” When Doris Young heard this, she couldn’t help but raised her head, looking at Charlie in amazement, choked up: “Young Master, is it true?”

“Of course it is. Really.” Charlie nodded, stretched out his hand to open the co-pilot’s car door, and said to Doris Young: “Get in the car! Go to the hospital to get your dad’s body cured, and then thoroughly check who gave your dad The poison!” When Doris Young recovered, Charlie had already opened the passenger’s car door, and gently pushed her back, pushing her to the door.

Doris Young recalled what he had said the moment before, and asked with a face full of disbelief: “Young Master, do you really have a way to cure my father?”

Charlie nodded, looked at her red eyes, and said seriously: “Since I have said it, it must be possible!”

Doris Young subconsciously said: “But but the doctors say that kidney failure is irreversible.”

Charlie said, Saying in one sentence: “The doctor can’t reverse it, it doesn’t mean that Charlie can’t.”

Charlie took out the pill that was originally prepared for Doris Young from his pocket, and said: “This medicine was originally for you. Prepared, you take it, and when you get to the hospital, you will take it to your father to ensure that the medicine will be cured!”

Doris Young was stunned: “Young Master, you said this medicine was originally prepared for me? Did you already know My father’s business?”

Charlie shook his head and said, “The main reason why I organized a dinner today is to thank everyone for visiting my house during the Chinese New Year and paying a lot of money. That’s why I prepared a treat for everyone. The pill for dispelling blood and saving the heart, although this medicine is not as effective as the rejuvenating pill, it is enough to treat your father’s illness.” When Doris Young heard this, her whole person was still a little dreamt.

She subconsciously asked: “Master, this medicine can really cure my father?”

Charlie said, “If it can be cured, you’ll know when you get to the hospital. Get in the car soon!”

Although Doris Young was not 100% sure, Can Charlie’s pill cure her father, but she was very excited at this time, nodded hurriedly, and got into the car under Charlie’s urging.

Subsequently, Charlie started the car and drove to Aurous Hill People’s Hospital quickly

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