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Chapter 2353

“They’re in Aurous Hill?!” When Doris Young heard this, she couldn’t help gritting her teeth!

Immediately, she said angrily and coldly: “This person is doing everything possible to harm my father. I don’t know what the intention is! Captain Lance, please think of a way to get this person to justice!”

He nodded and said seriously: “This kind of criminal case involving murder is an absolute major and important case. We will do our best to solve it quickly!”

He sighed as he said, “Hey, but because there are too few clues at present, I have no time. I can assure you.”

Doris Young nodded gently, and said: “I understand this.”

Donald Lance said again: “By the way, Ms. Young, please help me remember the time first. When did we receive this express? Adjust the surveillance videos around that time period, and find out the person delivering the express first!”

Doris Young thought for a while, and said, “I was very busy at work during the time before the Chinese New Year. I really can’t remember it. You wait. Me, I will call my mother and ask if she remembers.”


Doris Young immediately raised her cell phone to her eyes and was about to call her mother. Only then did she find out that Charlie’s phone number has not been available yet. Hang up, and the number in the call time column is still increasing, which proves that the call is still in the state.

She felt tight, picked it up hurriedly, and said to Charlie: “Sorry young master, I was a little urgent just now, so”

Charlie had already heard the whole process of her conversation with Captain Lance, so he couldn’t doubt it. In a voice, she said: “Ms. Young, tell me the address of your home!”

Doris Young said hurriedly and nervously: “Master, I still don’t trouble you with my family affairs.”

Charlie said coldly: “Tell me the address. ,I am going now!”

Doris Young heard Charlie’s tone very harshly, and was immediately suppressed by his momentum, so she had to whisper: “My family is in the second phase of Shady Hills Villa 11,”

Charlie nodded, and said: “I know this community. I’m not too far away, I’ll be there in ten minutes!”

Doris Young felt a little nervous after hearing that Charlie was coming. She knew Charlie’s status was honorable, and she really didn’t want to trouble Charlie with her own affairs. but, she can’t help but think again, Charlie is a figure with hands and eyes open to the sky after all. He is not only the young master of the Wade family, but also the master Wade who is highly regarded by the upper class of Aurous Hill. If he is willing to help, the probability of finding the murderer is Efficiency should be improved.

Thinking of this, she no longer struggled too much, and decisively agreed: “Good master, I’ll be waiting for you at the door!” After hanging up the phone, Doris Young called her mother who was in the hospital again.

After confirming the time when his father received the book with his mother, the police began to check from the surveillance video to see if he could lock the person who delivered the courier. When he found the person, he could find the person behind the scenes.

At the same time, Donald Lance also advised Doris Young not to live at home in the near future. After all, this has risen to the height of a criminal case, and the other party’s methods are concealed.

Doris Young accepted Donald Lance’s suggestion and planned to move directly to the hospital tonight and guard her father in the hospital with her mother.

At the same time, Donald Lance also promised to send a few plainclothes police officers to secretly deploy control in the hospital to prevent the murderer from acting on their family.

After the technical staff of the Criminal Investigation Division collected the evidence, Donald Lance prepared to lead the team to evacuate.

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