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Chapter 2352

Doris Young said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Master!”

Charlie smiled calmly: “It’s okay, don’t be so polite with me.”

When it came to this, Charlie wanted her to be busy first, so she wouldn’t delay herself. her busy family thing, but just then through the phone, he suddenly heard a man’s voice: “! Ms. Young, we found the source of your father poisoning!”

At that time, Doris Young was still holding a mobile phone, but when she heard this, she had completely forgotten that she was still on the phone with Charlie, and she blurted out and asked nervously: “Captain Lance, where is the source of the poisoning you mentioned? ! ”

before piling on hand wearing latex gloves, holding a thick book, opening: “! our investigators found the book of every piece of paper, contain mercury dichloride ” “and , We found that the traces of this book are very new and there are many. It is estimated that your father has read this book more frequently recently.”

“When he reads this book, his hands will be contaminated. A small part of the mercury dichloride smeared on it will be directly absorbed through the skin, and a part of it may be eaten into the stomach with the food when he takes the food.”

“Also, when the previous generation read books There is often a bad habit. When turning pages, he likes to wet his fingers with his tongue. I don’t know if your father has such a habit?”

Doris Young nodded lightly and said, “My father does have this habit of reading… …I also said before that it is unsanitary to turn books like that, but their generation has long been used to it, so this problem has never been corrected…”

Donald Lance nodded and said, “Then By the way, I think the excessive mercury dichloride in your father’s body came from this book!”

Doris Young was struck by lightning immediately and blurted out: “Captain Lance, is it possible that someone deliberately poisoned my dad?!”

Donald Lance nodded and said: “From the painting process in the book, mercury dichloride is in a very fine powder form, completely spread on the paper, so it is almost colorless and tasteless. , It’s also difficult to identify, so it can be speculated that this is definitely man-made, and the other party is very cautious and has a strong sense of reconnaissance!”

Doris Young said angrily: “My father has taught and educated people throughout his life, and has never offended anyone. , Who would do such a bad hand to him!”

Donald Lance hurriedly asked her: “Do you know how this book came about?”

Doris Young nodded hurriedly and said, “This book was received by my father before the Chinese New Year. It was sent by the courier that arrived.”

Donald Lance was overjoyed and asked, “Who is the sender?!”

Doris Young shook her head and said, “The courier at the time did not fill in the sender’s information, but it was in it. I brought a note. The person who wrote the note claimed to be a student my dad had taught before. He said that he stumbled across this book abroad and knew that my dad would like it, so he bought it and gave it to him. . ”

before piling frown asked:”? there is no sender information, you have no doubt it was ”

the Police Captain sighed, very self-blame, said:” my dad teaching the rest of my life, taught the students do not count it Many students often mail some books to him, including books published by themselves, or some orphans they found in foreign countries. My father also mails some books he has read to his students… “You also know that books are the most common gifts that academics give each other, so we really didn’t take it too seriously…”

Captain Lance frowned and asked: “Express package is it still there?”

Doris Young shook his head: “My mother cleans those things once a day.”

Donald Lance asked again: “What courier company was at that time, do you remember?”

Doris Young thought for a while and said, “It seems to be a copy. The postal international express, sent from Greece.”

When Donald Lance heard this, he sighed, and said, “It seems that we can’t find a clue…”

Doris Young hurriedly asked: “Why?”

Donald Lance explained: “If it is really sent from Greece When entering the customs, it will be detected by the customs. The customs inspection methods are much stricter than ours. Many people who are clever and want to cross-border drug trafficking through similar methods will be detected by the customs. Therefore, this kind of poison is smeared. It’s impossible to deliver books to your home…” After that, Donald Lance said seriously: “I guess that the international express delivery is fake, and the delivery person must be fake too. The murderer is not abroad, but at home. ! It is very likely to be in Aurous Hill!”

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