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Chapter 2348

Donald Lance nodded very seriously, and said: “Ms. Young, can you please help us recall whether your father usually has any enemies? Or has there been any economic disputes with anyone?”

Doris Young shook his head. Said: “My father has been conscientious in teaching and educating people for so many years. He is also very helpful in his work and he is very helpful. No one has ever had any conflicts.”

Donald Lance asked again: “Have your father eaten recently? What kind of weird food or something strange?”

Doris Young continued to shook his head: “It doesn’t seem to be true. Everything was normal before he became ill.”

Donald Lance then asked: “You and your father usually Do you live together?”

Doris Young nodded: “We Live together.”

Donald Lance continued to ask: “Then who else lives with you besides you and your father?”

Doris Young said, “And my mother. We have a family of three.”

“Okay.” Donald Lance nodded and asked after a pause: “Is there any nanny or part-time job in the family?” “No.” Doris Young said, “I want to find a nanny for them, but my parents They have been intellectuals all their lives, and they are not used to being served by them. In addition, they are now in their 50s and can take care of themselves, so they have never looked for a babysitter or part-time job.”

Donald Lance asked: “Neither you nor your mother have any problems?”

Doris Young shook his head: “No.”

Donald Lance nodded and said, “You and your mother live together, and you and your mother have no problems. Basically, it can be inferred that it’s not the food or water in your home.”

After speaking, he asked again: “Ms. Young, I need you to recall carefully. In the period before your father showed signs of his body, did he go out for dinner by himself or with his friends?”

Doris Young thought about it carefully, and said seriously: “Neither. Before my father had physical problems, he had been reading at home because of the winter vacation, so he had hardly gone out, so he never went out with others. We have gathered together.”

Donald Lance couldn’t help frowning: “That’s really strange. According to the test data, your father has a large amount of mercury dichloride in his body. This highly toxic substance can enter the body through the mouth and nose. , It may also enter the body through the skin.”

“But our experts speculate that such a large toxic dose may take a long time if it depends on the skin alone. Therefore, the most likely entry is through the mouth and nose, and oral administration is the most likely. . ” “but, as you mentioned situation, your father is unlikely to be at home by poisoning food and water, but he did not go out to gather over meals or I would, ”

” so, in the end he was trying to figure out Where is the poison, it may be a little tricky!”

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