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Chapter 2347

When Doris Young heard that it was bed No. 1, he immediately realized that he was talking about his father, so he blurted out and asked: “Hello, what is the result of the patient in Ward No. 1?”

That person He looked at Doris Young hesitantly, and then at Dr. Kelso, not knowing whether he should continue talking.

Dr. Kelso hurriedly urged: “What is the result? Just tell me, don’t dawdle!”

The person hurriedly said: “That’s it. The laboratory first found out from the blood of the patient in ward 1. Excessive mercury, and then sent the blood sample to the laboratory of the judicial department for further testing of toxic substances, and the result was a large amount of mercury dichloride detected!”

“What?!” Dr. Kelso exclaimed: “Mercury dichloride Is it mercury dichloride?!”

“Yes!” the person said hurriedly: “The police suspect that someone has poisoned them, so they are ready to file a case. It is estimated that they will come over soon.”

Doris Young was shocked and blurted out: “Dr. Kelso, what is mercury dichloride?!”

Dr. Kelso explained: “Mercury dichloride is a highly toxic inorganic substance. This substance is extremely toxic. On average, one kilogram of body weight can reach one milligram. Semi-lethal dose! An adult male of 80 kg only needs 80 mg!”

Doris Young asked: “What is the semi-lethal dose?!”

Dr. Kelso said: “The semi-lethal dose is the medical and chemical toxicity monitoring standard. For example, if one hundred mice are used for the toxicity test of mercury dichloride, when the oral administration exceeds one milligram per kilogram for a specified period of time, fifty mice will die. This amount is called semi-lethal dose. ”

Doris Young exclaimed: “This kind of substance only needs tens of milligrams to kill people?!”

Dr. Kelso nodded, and said with a choke: “This kind of thing is extremely toxic, especially to the kidneys. It’s as if paraquat is so harmful to the lungs that there is almost no cure.”

Doris Young suddenly became nervous and blurted out: “Why would my father take this toxic substance? No one in our family has ever come into contact with this kind of highly toxic chemicals.”

Dr. Kelso said seriously: “Since the police have to open a case for investigation, it is very It may be someone deliberately poisoning!”

“Poisoning?!” Doris Young said in confusion: “My father has been teaching and educating people for most of his life. He is full of peaches and plums, and he has won countless honors, whether it is character or morality. They are all impeccable, so they have never made enmity with others. Who would commit such a murderous hand to him?!”

Dr. Kelso hurriedly said: “Ms. Young, this kind of thing is useless by speculation. We have to rely on the police to investigate deeply. , It is possible to find the murderer behind the scenes!”

As he said, the door of the office was pushed open, and several police officers in police uniforms walked in with solemn expressions.

One of the middle-aged men with the Chinese character face walked in front, came directly in front of Dr. Kelso, and said: “Hello, I am Donald Lance, the deputy captain of the Aurous Hill Criminal Police Brigade. We received a report from the Inspection Division of your unit and now suspect it is expensive. A patient named Myles Young in the hospital is very likely to be poisoned. Is it convenient for us to see Mr. Young’s family?”

Dr. Kelso immediately pointed to Doris Young and said: “Captain Lance, this is Doris Young, Myles Young’s daughter. Madam.”

Donald Lance was a little surprised, and immediately put away his surprised expression, and said seriously: “Hello, Ms. Young, I am Donald Lance. What is your father’s situation now?” Doris Young hurriedly said: “Captain Lance, I My father is in very bad condition now. His kidneys are failing rapidly in a short time, and his life is in danger at any time. Please be sure to find out the murderer who poisoned my father!”

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