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Chapter 2343

Since Theodore and Rueben’s murder attempt of Jasmine were revealed, and they were thrown into the diamond mine in Sierra Stephene, Africa by Charlie, Jasmine’s position in the Moore family has been unprecedentedly consolidated. In the

past, it was only Lord Moore who sincerely supported her. Now, no one in the entire Moore family dares to disobey her.

The main reason was that Jasmine had Charlie’s strong support. Even Theodore and Rueben and his sons could not bring Jasmine down. The others in the Moore family knew that they did not dare to move similar thoughts.

After all, if you want to bring down Jasmine, you must first bring down Charlie. Otherwise, the fate of Theodore and Rueben is a lesson for others.

In the past few days, although Lord Moore often feels sorry for the fratricidal incidents within the family, when he thinks that Jasmine is safe, Theodore and Rueben have also recovered a dog’s life and feel relieved. For Jasmine, the happiest thing today is to see Charlie again.

Since she returned to the Moore family and took home the lord position again, she has never had a chance to see Charlie again. Not only is Charlie involved in many affairs every day, she herself is also very busy.

With the help of Charlie, the Moore family negotiated a cooperation with Nippon Steel, and they obtained very favorable terms. So Jasmine was ready to strike while the iron was hot, quickly settle all matters related to the cooperation, and then fully promote the project. So this period of time has been devoted to this.

At this moment, the thought of seeing Charlie soon made Jasmine’s mood a bit of uncontrollable excitement.

For this reason, she was specially dressed up today, not only wearing her favorite clothes, but also specially bringing the diamond bracelet that her mother left for herself before her death. This string of diamond bracelets was lost and recovered by Charlie after helping himself to break the feng shui dilemma.

In Jasmine’s eyes, this bracelet was originally a memorial left by her mother. But now, this bracelet has another meaning in Jasmine’s mind: it is the beginning of the intersection of her life with Charlie.

At this time, Mr. Quinton greeted them quickly, and said very politely: “Oh, Lord Moore and Miss Jasmine, I’m so glad to welcome you in the next place!”

Mr. Moore hurriedly said, “Why Mr. Quinton should be so polite? Come to your house today to harass, and please don’t be offended by Mr. Quinton .” Mr. Quinton said hurriedly, “How come! Come in!”

Jasmine asked at this moment: “Mr. Quinton, is Master Wade here?”

Mr. Quinton smiled. Said: “Master Wade has arrived and is chatting with Mr. Cameron, Mr. Weaver and Don Albert.”

Jasmine nodded gently, feeling even more excited.

As Mr. Quinton came to the living room, Charlie saw the Moore family ancestors and grandsons coming in, so he stood up, smiled and greeted the two of them: “Master Moore, Miss Moore.” While talking, Jasmine walked closer and Charlie looked at her. , Could not help but sigh in his heart: “Jasmine is indeed a superb beauty. After being so meticulously dressed, her temperament is not lost to anyone.”

Grandpa Moore walked up to the front and said respectfully: “Master Wade! Thank you for hosting a banquet. The old man is really grateful!”

Charlie said with a smile: “You don’t have to be so polite, come here, please sit down.”

After that, he hurriedly ordered to Don Albert: “Don Albert, show him and Miss Moore some Tea.”

Don Albert said hurriedly : “Good Master Wade!” After speaking, he quickly took out two more teacups and filled them with tea.

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