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Chapter 2342

“In short, there must be no such thing as a price-raising situation like Moutai! The official retail price of a bottle of Moutai is 1499, but ordinary people have no chance to buy it at this price, and when dealers go for takeout, a bottle of at least It’s two thousand and seventy-eight, and it’s even higher during the holidays. Isn’t this just showing the pit of consumers?”

Liam immediately stated: “Master Wade, don’t worry, I will strictly prevent similar things from happening to Oracle Nova Dias! If any dealer dared to stock up and raise the price, I immediately disqualified him and held him accountable! No toleration!”

Charlie nodded with satisfaction, and said, “After the Nova Dias is fully spread in the European and American markets, Presumably the alcohol industry in Europe and the United States will usher in rapid development.”

Liam agreed and said: “Yes! Many drinkers in Europe and the United States are highly dependent on alcohol. If Oracle Nova Dias is listed, it is equivalent to reducing the effect of alcohol on their bodies. The damage caused by drinking too much alcohol, especially the stomach is the most uncomfortable. Oracle Nova Dias just solved their problem.”

After that, Liam couldn’t help but sigh: “Master Wade, if we can launch a liver-protecting product. Even better! Nourishing the stomach and protecting the liver, this is a must-have medicine for European and American drinkers!” Charlie laughed and said: “You first push Nova Dias to the European and American markets, and I will get a liver-protecting tablet later When the prescription comes out, we will focus on nourishing the stomach and protecting the liver!” Isaac Cameron on the side said with a smile: “Master Wade, if you sell the pill you refined, the market will be even bigger! There is no need for rejuvenation Pill as it is such a powerful pill, as long as the first old blood-relief pill is diluted to 10, it is estimated to be sold out!” Charlie nodded slightly and said: “If this medicine is really taken out Selling, the sales volume is certainly not worrying, but this medicine cannot be mass-produced through normal pharmaceutical equipment, so the production capacity cannot be increased, and the conditions for mass sales are not available.”

“It turns out that” Isaac Cameron said with some regret: “Nowadays, many drugs on the market have a little effect on prolonging life, but they have been fired to a very high price by those wealthy people. For example, you can say the Angong bezoar produced in the 1960s and 1970s Pills have been fired up to hundreds of thousands, but in fact, this kind of medicine mainly treats only heat-clearing and detoxification, high fever convulsions, and stroke coma. It is impossible to prolong life, but everyone thinks this thing is magical, so the price is too high. Very high.”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “The medicine is mainly stored in a small amount. In addition, some of the raw materials are from the protection of wild animals and are no longer allowed to be used. In terms of effect, it’s nothing extraordinary .” As he said, the Quinton’s servant ran over quickly and said: “Master, Lord Moore and Miss Jasmine are here!”

Mr. Quinton hurriedly stood up and said to Charlie: “Master Wade, Mr. Cameron, and Don Albert, you sit first, I will go outside to meet Lord Moore and Miss Moore.”

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