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Chapter 2341

Hearing that Charlie asked about Oracle Nova Dias, Liam immediately became excited and blurted out: “Master Wade, Oracle Nova Dias has now occupied the entire Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian markets. After we have incorporated Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical The original multiple production lines are now fully productive, and we are fully producing Nova Dias. Except for Asia, we are now hoarding goods and are preparing to enter the European and American markets next month!”

Charlie nodded with satisfaction and asked with a smile: “The European and American markets should always be resistant to Oriental Chinese herbal medicine? Are you confident?”

“Yes!” Liam said without hesitation: “Although Europe and the United States are the birthplaces of Western medicine, they are also the main force in alcohol consumption. The top 20 countries in per capita alcohol consumption are all European countries. In addition to Europe, there are several countries in Australia and South America. The annual per capita alcohol consumption is more than ten liters! This is the highest per capita alcohol consumption. The first echelon.”

“Then the second echelon represented by the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea, the annual per capita alcohol consumption is about seven or eight liters.”

“These countries suffer from stomach and liver diseases due to high alcohol consumption. The proportion is also very large. Nova Dias has no toxic side effects, is extremely convenient to take, and has a quick effect. It has a very good protective and repairing effect on the stomach. Once such a drug is on the market, the first wave of users benefiting is that group of drinking People.”

“Once we gain a reputation among these user groups, we will soon sweep across Europe and the United States!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “In this case, we can start with restaurants, bars and hotels. At that time, send a local promotion team to do free trials at the entrances of bars and restaurants in major cities in Europe and America. The dosage of the trial set is controlled to be smaller, to ensure that they can feel the effect, but the effect cannot be maintained for a long time. Repeat several rounds of promotion. , We can immediately absorb these long-term drinkers and become our diehard users.”

When Liam heard this, he hurriedly said, “Master Wade, your method is really good! Start with the group that needs Oracle Nova Dias most, and hit their pain points all at once, making them inseparable from Nova Dias, and even regarded Oracle Nova Dias as a magical medicine. In that case, our word of mouth will rise immediately!”

After all, Liam said quickly: “I will convene a meeting with management staff tomorrow, and I will quickly set a ground promotion in the European and American markets. Detailed plan!”

Charlie nodded with satisfaction, and smiled: “European and American economies are relatively developed, and the pricing of Nova Dias must keep up. In my opinion, it’s priced at 800 per box. They are all their sky-high drugs to make our money. Those special drugs come to the country for a price of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands a month. In the future, we should go back and empty their wallets.”

Liam smiled He said: “Master Wade, I don’t think it is a problem if the price is higher, but the key is that we have to find a way to prevent them from buying at the Chinese Market, and then going to the European and American markets! In this case, the money will be made by these dealers. ”

Charlie smiled slightly: “This is simple, the future Oracle Nova Dias, in any country, must be purchased in limited quantities, one person, one month, at most one box with valid certificates, strictly control the source of goods, and at the same time Do a good job in the strict prevention of cross-linking of goods, this must be learned from the tobacco industry, all drugs must have a corresponding regional code when they leave the factory, and regular inspections should be conducted to ensure that there will be no cross-regional cross-country, or between countries. The situation of intermittent goods.”

Liam said hurriedly: “Good Master Wade, I have written it down!”

Charlie said again: “In addition, we must strictly supervise dealers and sign clear contracts. Anyone who dares Hoarding sources of goods and super high prices, he immediately disqualified him as a distributor, and at the same time asked him to pay a large amount of liquidated damages. If he does not pay, he will be filed for bankruptcy!”

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