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Chapter 2337

“Change to a new route?!”

Aurora couldn’t help exclaiming: “Master Wade, what do you mean by changing the route? Wouldn’t it be possible for me to practice judo, taekwondo or something?”

“Of course not.” Charlie smiled deeply and said seriously: “Whether it is the ordinary traditional martial arts of our country, or taekwondo, jeet kwon do, Sanda fighting, and boxing, they are all things on the same road. If you change back and forth between them If you do, you can only change the direction at most. It is impossible to talk about completely changing a new route.”

Aurora asked puzzledly: “Master Wade, what you said, I do not understand a bit. These events are common competitions nowadays. If you don’t practice these, what should I practice?”

Charlie said calmly, “Have you ever heard of Nei Jia Quan?”

“Innerquan?!” Aurora asked dumbfounded: “Could it be that Is it the core and most secret boxing techniques of the top martial arts families?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Yes.”

Aurora blurted out: “Master Wade, I have heard of China’s four major martial arts families. The family has its own set of internal boxing techniques. This has always been the secret of their family. They only pass on the direct blood relatives of the family. It is impossible for outsiders to learn it even if they spend more money. I can have this the chance? ”

Aurora view, within the family boxing is simply not she be able to have the opportunity to practice.

This kind of internal boxing technique is the secret of the top martial arts family, and it is also the core of the family’s survival. It is like a secret formula of medicine, and it is impossible to disclose it to outsiders.

Therefore, even if Mr. Quinton already has a net worth of tens of billions, his daughter Aurora can only practice fighting and Sanda. A martial arts family who mastered internal martial arts, in the martial arts field, even the very top hand. And such a family is far beyond the control of a family of the size of the Quinton family.

The four major martial arts families in China depended on almost all trillion-level top families. Even if they survived by these top families, the martial arts family would never give up their internal boxing skills, because this is what they can do. The key to standing tall.

However, in Charlie’s eyes, the internal martial arts that martial arts people highly respected was worth nothing. In the Apocalyptic Book, there are at least a few hundred types of internal martial arts of different heights and lows alone, and these are just some very low-end martial arts.

In fact, the truly powerful exercises are not internal martial arts at all, but real energy and reiki.

If voltage and current are used to measure the gap between Nei Jia Quan and True Chi and Reiki, then Nei Jia Quan is like an ordinary AA battery. The voltage is only 1.5 volts and the current is very small.

Compared with the aura of the inner family boxing method, Reiki is equivalent to UHV electricity, starting at 500,000 volts, even millions of volts.

The gap in this is simply a world apart.

Therefore, Charlie didn’t even see the internal boxing technique in the Apocalyptic Book.

It was just that he found that Aurora couldn’t find a suitable boxing method to practice right now, so he suddenly thought of these inner boxing methods and planned to choose one of them to let Aurora practice.

So, he smiled and said to Aurora: “I happen to know a kind of inner family exercise that is very suitable for girls to practice, called the Four Elephant Palm. If you are interested, I can teach you to practice.”

Aurora heard this. Words, the whole person was shocked and speechless!

Although she didn’t know what inner family practice the four elephant palms were, as long as they belonged to the category of inner family boxing, it was a priceless treasure!

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