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Chapter 2326

In the past few days when Zayne came to Australia, he has been in a low mood, not only because his wife Deana wanted to divorce him, but also because after the scandal was exposed, his image in everyone’s mind was subverted. The evaluation of him by the outside world is simply the worst man in China in recent years, not one of them.

Because, not only did he mess around outside with his wife behind his back, he made an illegitimate daughter. He also disguised the illegitimate daughter as a bodyguard to take home and received his wife and children under the nose; even more exaggerated, he also directed his illegitimate daughter to commit a felony overseas! This is not over yet.

The thing that outsiders spurned the most was that in order to avoid the exposure of the scandal, he even joined forces with the Japanese Self-Defense Force to kill his own daughter. what is this?

This is a beast who derails in marriage, hides everything from everyone, uses the illegitimate daughter as a tool of killing, and kills his daughter for his own benefit. It can even be said that once a person gathers so many evils in one, he may not even be able to compare with a beast. That is not as good as a beast!

Although Zayne knew that all of this was the charge that the old man Lord Banks forcibly threw himself at him for dumping the pot. But he also knew very well that once these charges were deducted on his own head, he could not get rid of it. Every time he thought of this, Zayne gritted his teeth with hatred. Because he even had a hunch that he might not be able to get rid of these infamy for the rest of his life.

Zayne is indeed not a man of fame, but what he is most worried about is whether he will have the chance to inherit the Banks Family once he has these infamy. After all, he can break the jar and don’t care about infamy, but the Banks Family can’t. In the future, when the old man transfers power, he will feel that his reputation is too bad, and refuse to give himself the supreme power of the Banks Family. In that case, half of my life’s hard work would have been completely beaten. Thinking of this, Zayne gritted his teeth!

“Why?! Why do the old things make things happen on their own to make me back?! Why do the old things make my daughter unaccounted for, life and death, but ruined me!”

He couldn’t help but insult me. Picked up a bottle of vodka next to him and drank more than half, and suddenly threw it into the rolling sea below.

At this moment, the phone rang suddenly.

The name on the phone screen made him startled.

“Wife?” Zayne was puzzled, then quickly grabbed the phone, pressed the answer, and blurted out: “Wife! You are finally willing to call me!”

Deana said flatly on the other side of the phone, “Zayne” , I called to talk about divorce. You are now in Australia, and you won’t be able to come back for a while. How about you entrust a lawyer to help you with the relevant procedures.”

Zayne did not expect, Deana called The purpose of coming was to communicate with myself about divorce, and the whole person immediately felt a burst of anger from the heart.

He couldn’t help but said coldly: “Deana, as long as we have not divorced, we are still married. You ran to Aurous Hill without my consent during the life of the relationship. I didn’t stop you or blame you for this. It’s enough to give you face.”

“But when you were in Aurous Hill, it was a bit too much to call me about divorce? Don’t you really care about our love for more than 20 years of marriage? ?!”

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