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Chapter 2321

Watching his leaving back, Doris Young shivered in anger, and tears burst into her eyes instantly. Two years ago, Doris Young’s father had severe nephritis. Because he had rh-negative blood, it has been difficult to find a suitable kidney source. At that time, Doris Young did the matching by herself, but failed to match it.

Later, it was also lucky. The relatives in her family found a successful match in Southeast Asia, and the other party was also willing to donate a donor for compensation.mSubsequently, Doris Young spent one million to solve the kidney problem for her father. I thought that after finding the source of the kidneys, as long as he took good care of him, he could extend his father’s life cycle for at least 20 to 30 years.

But she never dreamed that after only two years, a severe rejection reaction occurred in the kidney of her father’s transplantation, and her kidney function declined sharply. People were fine before the New Year, and after the New Year, they were admitted to the hospital because of acute kidney failure.

Doctors can’t find out the cause of kidney failure, and this kind of kidney failure is completely irreversible. The only way is to find a new source of kidney and perform another transplant as soon as possible.

In a hurry, Doris Young raised the price to five million, but even if the money was high, she still couldn’t find a suitable kidney source in a short time.

Walter, a classmate of Doris Young studying abroad at the time, knew about this from nowhere, and then he was very enthusiastic to help her contact the kidney source from the black market in the United States.

Walter came over today to tell Doris Young that the source of the kidney had been found, and that he was still a donor, and he was a very young and strong guy. But before Doris Young was happy about this incident, Walter immediately revealed himself and made a series of extremely excessive demands.

Thinking of this, Doris Young was extremely depressed. She also knew that it was almost impossible to find a suitable kidney source in such a short timeā€¦ At this moment, she couldn’t help thinking of the scene when she had attended Jasmine’s birthday party.

Charlie took out a rejuvenating pill at the time and was bought by Travis Lane at a sky-high price of 2 billion. It is said that that pill not only cures all diseases, but also turns decay into a miracle. It is a pity that the price of 2 billion is definitely not something that Doris Young can get…

Although her income is not low, she has always been a senior worker after all, and all her net worth is less than 100 million. How dare you expect to be able to afford a two billion pill?

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