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Chapter 2320

“Ms. Young, as long as you are willing to leave the Emgrand Group, join my company, and be my vice chairman and lover, then I will immediately let someone use my private jet to send you the kidney source. You promised me today, uncle You can get a new kidney tomorrow. What do you think?”

“You are shameless!” Doris Young gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Walter, what is the difference between you and taking advantage of the fire?! And you are already married and have children. Are you worthy of your wife and children by doing this?”

Walter pouted his lips and said indifferently: “For people like me, marriage is only to fulfill the family mission. I will marry whoever the family asks me to marry, as long as I marry them. The women who let me marry, they won’t interfere in my private life anymore.” After that, he smiled indifferently: “As for children, it doesn’t matter. They are still young. When they grow up, I will also make them realize that money is more important than anything. Then, they will understand who I am now.” As soon as the voice fell, Walter remembered something, and said hurriedly: “Oh yes, if you did mine My lover also wants to give birth for me. After all, I don’t usually like any contraceptive measures. In addition, I have always wanted a mixed-race child. Unfortunately, the family tradition has always required pure blood, which is really troublesome… ..” At

this point, Walter laughed and said triumphantly: “But, if they are illegitimate children and don’t involve inheritance, they will just open one eye and close one eye and won’t pursue too much. ”

Doris Young roared angrily: “Walter, I really didn’t expect you to be such a shamelessly dressed beast!”

Walter laughed and said, “Ms. Young, everyone is an adult, so shame is a shit?” Look at those people who are full of benevolence and morality every day, who is not a full-bellied male thieves and female prostitutes?”

“If you follow me and come to work in my company, use the real estate experience you have accumulated in the Emgrand Group and the confidential information in the Emgrand Group. , To help me expand the China market, then I will give you double the salary of Emgrand Group, and give you an extra 5 million bonus each year!”

“In this way, your annual income is 10 to 20 million!”

“If you can help me secretly hollow out the Emgrand Group’s industry and let me annex the Emgrand Group at a price of less than 50 billion, then I will give you 100 million at a time!”

“There is even better, when the time comes, our two offices will only be separated by a wall, and then we can quietly open the two rooms, make a secret door, and then outside the secret door. Make a set of cabinets and you can go to the other party’s office without knowing it!”

“In this way, I can sneak into your office at any time during working hours and spend time with you. What a perfect thing? You? Don’t you be excited?”

Doris Young stepped back, bypassing Walter, walked to the door of the room and opened the door, and scolded: “Walter, I don’t want to see you, please get out of here!!!”

Walter sneered: “Ms. Young, You let me roll, I can roll at any time, but your father, it seems that you can’t hold on for too long, so I advise you to consider my conditions.”

Doris Young gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t think about it! You don’t want to. I’m daydreaming here! Get out, or I’ll call the police now!”

Walter spread his hands and said, “OK, ok, don’t be so excited, although your father’s condition is very serious, but you There should be another month to think about it. I have been in Aurous Hill recently. If you figure it out, you can contact me at any time!”

After speaking, he tidyed up the collar of his suit and blinked provocatively at Doris Young. Smiled and said, “My dear, then I will leave first.”

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