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Chapter 2313

Charlie said: “Remember to invite Doris Young, the vice chairman of the Emgrand Group.”

Mr. Quinton said immediately: “Good Master Wade, I will call Ms. Young and say it later.”

Charlie said : “Then trouble you. Help me arrange it.”

Mr. Quinton immediately said respectfully: “Master Wade, you need to be so polite with me! If you have anything, please tell me!”

Charlie said with a grin and said with a smile: “When the time comes I will go over a few hours in advance, give Aurora some guidance, and give you a small gift by the way.”

Mr. Quinton’s excited voice trembled as soon as he heard this, he realized that Charlie might be sending himself back to life. Overcome with excitement, blurting out: “! Master Wade that is so kind of you!”

Charlie smiled:. “kind, it would first say, I’ll see you tomorrow,”

“good Master, see you tomorrow!”

Charlie hung up Mr. Quinton’s voice call, and suddenly saw in the WeChat address book that there was a new friend.

He clicked on it and found that it was Wendy who had sent a friend application, so he clicked to pass the verification.

Immediately afterwards, Wendy immediately sent a sentence: “Brother-in-law, I have already settled down on the company side. There are almost three hundred courtesy ladies who are willing to cooperate with the company and report to you!”

Charlie was also a little surprised by the number of people, Thinking that Wendy should have done a good job, she replied: “Very good, keep up the work.”

Wendy said hurriedly: “Good brother-in-law, I must go all out!”

Then he sent another sentence: “Brother-in-law, I have I want to apply for something…”

Charlie asked, “Just tell me.”

Wendy said, “Brother-in-law, there are more places where money is used at home. I want to advance half a month’s salary with you in advance. ,May I?”

Charlie knew that she must have some difficulties, so he readily agreed, and replied: “No problem, just say hello to the finance.”

Wendy immediately sent a grateful expression and said, “Thank you brother-in-law!”

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