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Chapter 2312

Harold burst into tears: “Grandma, I can finally eat some meat every day…”

“Yes…” Lady Wilson sighed, and then said: “Wait for you to follow Your dad has recovered and is looking for a job. He dare not expect to make a lot of money. But for you two, it is always more than enough to make five or six thousand in a month. By then, our family will have 15 or 16 in a month. Income, by that day, our day, even if we are out of our heads!”

Wendy felt melancholy when she heard this.

She thought: “In the past Wilson, can not say that rich, but at least it is tens of millions or even billions of assets ……”

“At that time, a person a month, just to eat, you have to eat It’s tens of thousands of money and even more.”

“But everyone was not satisfied at that time, and felt that life was not good enough. They tried every means to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix…”

“Now, after experiencing this After a lot of things, the family’s requirements for life have also experienced a cliff-like decline.”

“In the past, no matter how good the food is, it is still not satisfied, but now, as long as you can eat one meal a day and save a little savings every day, you can stay at home. In the eyes of human beings, it is already a good day to dream…”

“Although it is sad to think of it, it is really ironic…”

When Wendy thought of this, Charlie appeared in Wendy’s mind. Like Charlie, I thought again in my heart: “It’s still Charlie who is the most practical. Even in the poorest days, he can live down to earth. When he becomes Master Wade respected by everyone in Aurous Hill’s upper class, he will not forget his original intentions. , Live with Claire steadily…”

At this point, she took out her mobile phone and quietly added Charlie’s WeChat.

Charlie had just eaten at this time, and Mr. Quinton called him a voice call. After the call was connected, he respectfully said: “Master Wade, Aurora told me, you asked me to host a banquet at home, I don’t know when you are More convenient?”

Charlie said: “It’s already Thursday today, so let’s tentatively schedule Friday night. What do you think?”

Mr. Quinton said respectfully, “There is no problem with the next time. Everything is subject to Master Wade’s time.”

Charlie said, “Then it will be Friday night. You help me invite everyone.”

Mr. Quinton said hurriedly, “Master Wade, I will tell you the number of people, and you can see if you are right.”


Mr. Quinton said: “First, Miss Moore of the Moore family and Lord Moore, then Dr. Simmons, the genius doctor, then Isaac Cameron, Lancaster’s richest man Travis Lane, Don Albert, Mr. White of the White family, and Liam of Oracle Pharmaceutical.”

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