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Chapter 2311

With the support of all the etiquette ladies, Wendy successfully took the first step to take over the Pearl etiquette company. She was busy at the company until very late, and then she managed to catch the last bus, dragged her tired body, and returned to the Thompson First Villa.

Since Wendy went out to work, the Wilson family barely need to go hungry. They have some rice at home. They can’t say that they can let the Lady Wilson, Christopher and Harold eat vegetables and meat, at least they are hungry. Being able to steam a pot of white rice barely satisfies hunger.

When Wendy came home, Mrs. Wilson had just served Christopher and Harold after eating white rice. She made half a bowl of rice with boiling water, sprinkled some salt into it, and ate it alone.

Seeing Wendy’s return, she couldn’t help complaining a little: “Wendy, why did you come back so late today? I was at home to serve your father and your brother. I was so tired to death, you didn’t say to get off work early to help me. ”

Wendy said a little apologetically: “I’m sorry, grandma, there are a lot of things in the company, so I delayed a little longer…”

Lady Wilson said dissatisfiedly: “Isn’t it just being a courtesy lady? I came back with the money, how could it be so late?”

Harold lying on the bed couldn’t help but say : “Yes, Wendy, I especially want to eat a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge today, and said that I will wait for you to earn early After I got the money back, I went to buy half a catty of pork and two more preserved eggs, but I have been waiting until now…”

Christopher, who was lying next to Harold, sighed and said, “Wendy, I always have cramps for two days, and it hurts as soon as I pump it up, and it will not heal for a while. It seems that during this period of time, there is severe malnutrition and calcium deficiency. Can you think of a way to buy a box of calcium tablets for Dad?”

Seeing the pitiful appearance of her father and brother, Wendy felt very distressed. She wanted to tell them all of her experience today and let them know that Charlie gave herself a good opportunity to manage A company gives itself a monthly salary of 10,000.

However, when she thought of Charlie’s confession, she didn’t want to be out of touch and keep herself silent, she resisted the impulse, suppressed the matter, and said: “Dad, brother, you two will stick to it, the company will adjust for me. Let me be a manager. I can get ten thousand a month in salary. Tomorrow, I will ask the finance company to advance half a month’s salary. Then I will definitely improve our family’s living conditions.”

Christopher was pleasantly surprised. “Wendy, what you said is true?! Are you really a manager in the company?!”

Harold asked too busy: “Wendy, do you really give 10,000 a month? ! ”

Wendy nodded seriously and said:.” really is ten thousand dollars a month, ” she says, Charlie took out to buy her newest Apple phone, grateful, said:” I did not have a phone so the boss bought one for me…”

“I’ll go!” Harold was excited all of a sudden, and blurted out: “Sister! You’re going to be so prosperous! Ten thousand! Too many mobile phones, your boss said to give it away. It’s so generous!”

The Lady Wilson beside her also burst into tears with excitement. She choked up and said: “If Wendy can really get ten thousand a month, then One day is more than three hundred. With so much money, our family’s life will be much better!”

Then, Mrs. Wilson calculated: “The current pork is only 20 a catty, ordinary rice is a catty. It’s about three. We have a family of four. One catty of pork, two catties of rice a day, plus some vegetables or something, at most 70 or 80 for food, and a few more bottles of milk every day to supplement calcium, 100 Only one is enough. Christopher and Harold can also take a little medicine to speed up recovery. Even if you spend another one hundred a day, there will be a hundred surplus!”

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