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Chapter 2309

Surrounded by thunderous applause and applause, Wendy was also a little embarrassed. She settled her mind and continued: “The third thing is that our Pearl etiquette company will continue to operate in a brand-new model. The idea of ​​operation is like this…”

Nearly 300 girls in the audience are looking forward to her next content at this moment.

Wendy said seriously: “First of all, Pearl etiquette company will continue to provide etiquette services for major enterprises and self-employed individuals in Aurous Hill as before. We are all girls, and we all have almost the same experience, so everyone counts. The above are sisters. If the sisters want to continue to engage in this industry, I hope that I can choose to continue to cooperate.”

“Secondly, I solemnly promise to the sisters that if the sisters choose to continue to cooperate with me, I will never give As before, squeeze the sisters’ labor and the corresponding labor results!”

“Next, we will adopt an open and transparent pure sharing model to cooperate with the sisters!”

“The specific terms of cooperation are: the company is responsible for the overall arrangement of work for the sisters At the same time, the commission is shared with the sisters in an open and transparent manner. The company only draws 20% of the commission for attending an event as operating funds, and the remaining 80% is distributed to individuals!”

I heard that individuals can get 80% of commissions After being divided, the girls in the audience cheered excitedly! In the industry, there is no company that can give such a large percentage of commission share!

The normal mode of cooperation is usually five to five. People like Lloyd generally only give 20% to 30% to the lady of etiquette. Not only does the score are small, but it also threatens and lures the lady of etiquette to sign the deed. Once the deed is signed , Miss Etiquette can only get about 10% at most.

In contrast, the ratio given by Wendy is simply the conscience of the industry! In fact, Wendy herself feels that this share ratio is simply too high, so high that after the company deducts operating costs, financial costs, and support line labor costs, the remaining profit margin is very thin, and even 5% may not be guaranteed.

However, she felt that she could not live up to Charlie’s expectations of her. If he was also reduced to someone like Lloyd, thinking about squeezing employees, then Charlie would definitely be disappointed in her. Therefore, she made such a bold decision. At the same time, she also has a belief in her heart that supports her.

“As long as I do it well, do it hard, and make a reputation, there will be more and more courtesy ladies under Pearl’s company, and more and more activities will be undertaken. Although the profit rate is reduced a lot, once I put the whole cake If you grow bigger, then the company’s profits are still very, very impressive.”

“For the most direct analogy, if you make 10 million a year, the profit rate is 20%. Then the profit is 2 million, but if you can do it a year One hundred million, even if the profit margin is only 5%, the net profit is as much as five million!”

“So, I must not be blindfolded, I must take a longer view! I must use more salary sharing to attract these girls Wholeheartedly cooperate with me, and at the same time attract more other girls to join Pearl Company!”

“My first goal is to make Pearl Company the largest etiquette company in Aurous Hill!”

“I must go all out and work hard. To achieve this goal, let my brother-in-law look at me with admiration!”

At this time, the girls in the audience were completely attracted by Wendy’s words!

The company is transparent, the division is high, and Wendy is willing to use the money Lloyd eats out to compensate everyone. This also makes everyone trust her very much. Therefore, almost every girl made a decision deep in her heart.

At this time, Wendy continued: “The company currently has 500,000 operating funds in the company’s account. I have ordered three 13-seater commercial vehicles to be used as free shuttle buses for company employees.”

After that, she said with some shame: “However, because the funds are currently limited, most of the funds have been used to compensate the sisters, so we can only buy three cars first…”

“If we pick up If the number of employees is relatively large, even if the three cars are running back and forth, they may not be able to meet the needs of many people…”

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