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Chapter 2306

Zara didn’t expect that her elder brother would really just fall into trouble at this time!

She glared at Fitz angrily, and then said to Deana: “Mom, I didn’t bring enough clothes this time, and the daily necessities that I usually use. If I stay in Aurous Hill for three to five days. It’s fair enough. If you stay for a long time, it will be very troublesome.”

Deana said indifferently: “It’s simple. A few aunts in the house happen to be idle too. I let them pack all your personal items. Bring it with me at that time.” After that, Deana said again: “If you have any dissatisfaction, you can tell mom that Mom will help you solve it all. It doesn’t matter if you feel that the layout and decoration of the room are not satisfied. , Mom can take down all the decorations and furniture in your room at home and send it by air, and then restore it to you. Do you have any other questions? If you have other questions, as long as you mention it, Mom I’ll solve it for you.”

Zara is really helpless. Unexpectedly, my mother was so decisive that she would not give herself any chance at all.

So, she nodded her head very aggrievedly, and said helplessly: “Okay mom, I see, I have no other questions, everything will be done as you said.”

Deana relaxed, smiled slightly, and said: “You, don’t always think about finding that benefactor every day. Stay with your mother in Aurous Hill. After you start school, if there is nothing wrong with your mother, you will go to the United States to study with you. When will you finish studying your mba? , When will our mothers come back.” Zara knew that Mom was guarding herself at all times, not letting herself have the opportunity to secretly continue to look for her benefactor.

So, she nodded helplessly and said, ”

Okay , I will listen to you.” Deana finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She thought to herself: “As long as I keep Zara in Aurous Hill and keep an eye on her at the same time, she shouldn’t run into the man who is in conflict with her life and can make her moths fly into the fire!

” In this case, after these few months, after she went to study in the United States, the hope of finding that person would be even slimmer!”

“Perhaps after a while, she will slowly forget about it.”

But Deana underestimated Zara’s determination.

Moreover, although Zara has a very different personality from Deana, she has the same persistence and stubbornness as Deana in her bones.

Deana loved Bruce for many years. Although Bruce rejected her many times, she never gave up, and no one persuaded her to be useful. Zara wanted to find Charlie, even if everyone blocked her, she still insisted. Deana never dreamed that what Zara always wanted to find was the young man riding an electric bicycle that she met at the gate of Bruce’s former residence today.

The Thompson First, where the young man lives now, is only 35 kilometers away from them in a straight line. She didn’t even know. She thought that by leaving Zara in Aurous Hill, it was the fate of Zara avoiding moths to fight the fire. But the fact is just the opposite! Her decision has left Zara around the fire

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